Engineering StudentsEngineers develop innovative products and systems that improve the quality of people’s lives around the world. There are many areas of study within the broad field of engineering and NCC covers many of those disciplines to prepare students for exciting transfer and career options. Program majors learn to apply the principles of mathematics and science to solve real-world design problems. Computers are used extensively to aid in visualization and to keep up with continuously evolving technological advancements.

Though students who complete the program may choose to go directly into the industry with an associate’s degree, the curriculum of NCC’s Engineering program is designed to meet the eligibility requirements of many four-year schools. Through a broad curriculum of physics, mathematics and engineering electives, students will gain lab and real-world experience and develop skills common to all engineering specialties. The coursework emphasizes critical thinking as well as study habits and problem solving. Students ready for transfer will be able to demonstrate competent technical knowledge in engineering-related areas and successfully apply their obtained skills to common engineering problems.

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