Jaden Makovsky, Liberal Arts/English Student

Sophomore Jaden Makovsky wants to make one thing clear about the supposed career limitations that she's imposed upon herself as an English major: the only person who can get in the way of her goals is her. The aspiring writer has known for quite a while what her calling is, and she believes that there is plenty of potential in a Liberal Arts background.

"People who read my writing are telling me that I have a talent. My strategy is just to believe that other people out there are writers, and they are successful," says Makovsky. "What's stopping me? I'm the only person who can get in my own way."

As an NCC presidential ambassador and member of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK, International Honor Society), Makovsky has been thinking outside of her own creative box since she first stepped through the doors of the college. She was used to taking many advanced placement courses at Northampton High School, and was advised that she should probably only taken one honors course at a time as she got her feet wet at NCC. Instead, she's embraced the opportunity to take several honors courses per semester, knowing that she's the one who is responsible for maintaining high grades while working around her demanding – but not overwhelming – schedule.

"My AP English teacher always used to encourage me to go to NCC and used to say 'If you're awesome here, you can be awesome anywhere.' I take that advice in every class I take here," says Makovsky.

Makovsky had always excelled at both art and writing. As she got closer to applying for college, she realized that writing was the one of the two subjects that absolutely energized her, and one that she continued to feel excited and passionate about even outside of the classroom. The English major, she says, inspires creativity because words show how no two people can view the world in the same way.

"A lot of people use the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. I think about it, and I think a word is worth 7.2 billion pictures. Take as many people as there are in the world, and then give them a word like brown. They imagine a different color brown than I would imagine," says Makovsky. "The concept is that not everyone imagines the same thing when you say a word, versus when you are both looking at the same thing, like looking at the same painting."

It is this way of looking at the use of the written word that has propelled Makovsky, an avid reader, to pursue writing beyond more than just a hobby. Though she professes that she doesn't have a favorite genre of writing, she explains that it's more of a voice that speaks to her than any one particular genre and that certain authors' writing styles stand out to her above others'.

"The best way to become a good writer is to learn from the writers before you. What better way to enhance your own words than to read the words of people who are already successful?" Makovsky hopes to transfer to Dickinson College next year. "I put my mind to things and I know they're going to be achieved."

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