Mary Grube has been teaching at NCC Main Campus and Fowler Center since 2012 and at NCC Monroe campus and the Horizons for Youth Programs since 2015. Mary has a B.A. in Speech Communication and enjoys travel, gardening and learning new things. She has represented the college at Lehigh Valley Style Magazine's 2014 "Best of the Lehigh Valley Event", the 2014 Greater Allentown Fair and on WFMZ television as a recurring Sunrise Chef.  She was also the featured chef at Pinnacle Ridge Winery's 2015 romantic Valentine's Dinner.

Mary teaches French-Style cooking to classic American fare and everything in between allowing her students to have interesting experiences during her classes. She designs her classes to challenge the home chef and help them learn new techniques and gain confidence when cooking. Mary wants to be a mentor to her students and has a strong passion for both cooking and instruction she loves to share.