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Computer Information Technology @NCC

Courses in the Computer Information Technology core are chosen to develop specialization in a selected skill area; the curriculum's first year lays the framework for basic systems and applications, while the second year allows the student to choose from five areas of specialized learning: Networking, Security, Administration, Programming and Application Development. Students may also wish to complete multiple specializations; doing so will add one year of full-time study, and the student will finish with multiple associate's degrees. 

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Your Career in Computer Information Technology

Depending upon a student's degree and electives, this AAS program prepares graduates for employment as a Systems Analyst, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Designer, LAN Specialist, Information Security Professional, and other career options. Graduates effectively communicate and analyze information related to computer systems, configure and maintain those systems, and develop solutions to programming problems. 

Computer Information Technology Career Paths

  • Systems Analyst
  • Network Designer
  • Network Engineer
  • LAN Specialist
  • Information Security Professional
  • Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • Security Specialist
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