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Getting Started

EIP Approval Process

To apply and register:

Step 1:

Create an Early Childhood Education and Training Program (ECETP) account; complete an EIP application online at and fax or mail EIP your required documents.

Complete a paper application and mail it to EIP with all your required documents.

Use the following NCC information to complete the form:
EIP for Educational Incentive Form (PDF)

Mailing address:
Educational Incentive Program
4 Tower Place, 4th Floor
Albany, NY 12203

Section 3 - Training Information for EIP Approval Process

NCC MUST receive your signed EIP Approval Form to waive your tuition. If NCC does not receive this signed form, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for payment of the tuition in full. DO NOT DO STEP 2 BELOW UNTIL YOU RECEIVE EIP APPROVAL.

YOU WILL NEED TO APPLY TO EIP EACH TIME YOU TAKE A NEW CLASS. THERE ARE 3 (three) 3-credit courses in the eCDA Program (EARL106, EARL217, EARL244) This will take about a year to do when taking courses in fall, spring and summer semesters. You cannot take all three courses at once, each course is a pre-req for the next course. CDA sections are either a W or a V with a number following it.

Place a check in the Distance Learning/Correspondence Course box and a check in the Coursework leading to a Credential box

Name of College/Training Organization: Northampton Community College
Title of Course: Early Childhood Development and Learning (Then choose the semester start and end date, course code and section from this website
Course Start and End Date Schedule
Training Start Date: See link above Training
End Date: See link above Trainer
First Name: TBD
Trainer Last Name: TBD
Trainer Aspire ID#: leave blank
Training Organization/College Zip: 18020

View Total Cost of Program

Number of College Credits or Training Hours: per semester is 3 college credits or 45 clock hours (3 courses will total 9 credits or 135 clock hours of training)

NCC is an approved EIP provider, so you apply to EIP and EIP pays NCC directly. You are responsible for any costs that are not covered by EIP. Payment will be due by tuition due date

NCC MUST receive your signed EIP Approval Form to waive your tuition. If NCC does not receive this signed form, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for payment of the tuition in full. DO NOT DO STEP 2 BELOW UNTIL YOU RECEIVE EIP APPROVAL.

Step 2:

Apply and pay a one-time $25.00 Application Fee.   Apply Now

Then, print, complete and sign a Credit Registration form for your course(s). You must print the word "NYC EIP" on the Credit Registration Form (PDF)

Choose a course timetable by using the link below to find your start and end date, course code and section number:
Start and End Date Schedule (please use the same information that you used on the EIP Form)

Step 3:

Mail Credit Registration Form and EIP Approval form in one envelope to:

Bursar Office
Northampton Community College
3835 Green Pond Road
Bethelehem, PA 18020

You MUST MAIL signed EIP approval award letter to NCC. The award letter is your payment for credit coursework. If NCC does not have an original signed award letter, YOU ARE PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT.

IMPORTANT: Do not fax to the Registrar.

Step 4:

You will receive a tuition bill after your credit registration form has been received and processed after you register for courses. You are personally responsible for payment until we receive your EIP approval award. You will also receive instructions to help you access your Online learning "Welcome Letter" which will include your instructor, required textbook(s), and instructions on how to log-in to your courses.

Step 5:

Order textbooks

Once you are enrolled, you can order your textbook (for all three courses) and your CDA Standard 2.0 Application. Please wait until you receive information in the mail that you are enrolled before purchasing your textbook and application packet. Please make sure you only order either Infant/Todder OR Preschool; depending on the area of credentialing you are working on.

Books, eCDA Assessment Packet

Books will be delivered to you.

Step 6:

You may enter your course(s) on the first day of classes. For assistance, call 610.332.6089 or email

EIP Information


U.S. Mail Delivery:
Professional Development Program
Tower Place, 4th Floor
Albany NY, 12203

You may send an email message to with any questions or concerns.