Heads Were Turned

article by Katherine Noll, photos by Patricia Canavan
May 09, 2012

People strolling through the Quad on the afternoon of May 9 might have thought they Big Heads Paradewere  hallucinating. Or asked the nearest person to pinch them. Don't worry. There were no reports of mass delirium or narcolepsy on campus. But the tales of strange creatures walking around with gigantic heads, some representing animals, buildings, and aliens, are true. The reason? The Art Department's annual Big Heads and Big Ideas Parade!

Under the direction of art professors Bruce Wall and Doug Zucco, over 50 students taking 3-D Design were given the task of creating huge, wearable heads out of paper mache. The heads were to represent a problem the students believe exist in the world today or a topic that had an important meaning to them. In addition, the students had to prepare a statement about their cause which was read as they strutted their big heads on the stage at Lipkin Theatre after the parade.

A giant ice cream cone head represented childhood obesity. Betty Boop reminded the audience about breast cancer awareness, while a top hat head promoted common decency and treating people with respect. A few of the big ideas important to students were net neutrality, endangered animals and animal rights, ocean pollution, discrimination and hate crimes; drug addiction, teen pregnancy, child abuse, web addiction, corporate greed, student loan debt, and censorship.

Sorry to have missed the spectacle? Check out the Flickr gallery for more photos. And be sure to catch next year's Big Head Parade!




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