It's a Wrap!

By Myra Saturen
April 23, 2014

Through papers and posters, honors students at Northampton Community College (NCC) demonstrated their research at the Eighth Annual Honors Program Student Conference on April 22.Cara McClintock-Walsh

Honors program coordinator Cara McClintock-Walsh described an enriching year for honors students. They participated in an undergraduate philosophy conference at Moravian College, attended a performance of Waiting for Godot, saw a new play, Kansas City Swing, created a brochure for a social service agency, visited the America on Wheels museum in Allentown, and took part in lobby day in Harrisburg to advocate for education.

McClintock-Walsh described the program's growth and the success that honors graduates have achieved as they have continued their educations and careers. One alumna, now at Lehigh University, was an intern for the World Wildlife Foundation and is now studying in Vienna. Another, who went on to Dickinson University, is a financial analyst for the Vanguard Group. In one family, two siblings graduated from the Honors Program, and a third is now enrolled.

For the first time in the conference's history, a student received an honor student of the year award. She is Katie Passmore.

Presentation topics, students, honors classes and professors included:

"NCC Diné College Cultural Exchange." Lauren DePaul, Sonia Kunz, Mark Gomez, Ebelin DuNCC Dine College Cultural Exchangetan, Stephanie Walton, Michelle Naif, and Yoshino Shigemitsu. Intercultural Communication class with Donna Acerra. The students delved into Navajo culture, speaking about their first-hand experiences at Diné College, as part of an ongoing NCC-Diné College cultural exchange program.

"Perspectives on Social Justice-Walmart: Equal Opportunity Employer?" JoAnne Chernowetz, Introduction to Political Science class with Dr. Vasiliki Anastasakos. Sam Walton's 10 principles were held up to the light to show inconsistencies between words and actualities.

"PTSD: A Case Study." Jomille Averion, Introduction to Psychology class with Gina Turner. Through a fictional man, whose life was illustrated by cartoons, the audience learned about post traumatic stress syndrome, its causes and symptoms. Averion evaluated several different treatment approaches.

"Religion in Early America," Joseph Badalamente, Erin Dean, Jenna De Francisco, Sarah Reichard. American History I with Margaret Borene. Each student examined an aspect of the interaction between religion and American history during the 18th and 19th centuries.Eighth Annual Honors Program Student Conference

Performance Poem, "Father," by Anastasia Ferguson. English II with Dr. Precie Shroyer. Ferguson read her poem about her father's death, when she was thirteen.

"The Creative Genius of the Harlem Renaissance." Quintin Lightner, Katie Passmore, Aaron Rosengarten. African American Literature class with Dr. Sharon Gavin-Levy. Presenters connected artists' lives to the themes and philosophies of their work.

Poster presentation and discussion, "Gender and Power." Carla Garis. Introduction to Psychology and Developmental Psychology with Dr. Jennifer Bradley. Garis discussed her research into the influence of gender on power.

Members of the political science honors class exhibited posters. These were:Yoshino Shigemitsu

"Feminization of Poverty" by Lauren McCloskey

"Economic Growth of Indonesia" by Yoshino Shigemitsu

"Drug Detention" by An Huynh

"Child Labor in Developing Countries" by Ashley Reppert

"Gender Inequalities in the Workplace" by Kristin Wagner

"The Workings of Fair Trade" by Leah Mutz.

There are several routes by which students can be accepted into the College's honors program. Visit the honors program web page  for information.


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