Keeping Us Healthy

May 09, 2013

On May 1, practical nursing students held a Health Fair with a Hawaiian theme at the MonroeMonroe Campus Health Fair Campus in the Community Room. By utilizing their acquired nursing knowledge, the students developed interactive health displays to help educate students, faculty and staff.

As participants moved from one display table to another, they were able to have their vision acuity evaluated; their blood pressure assessed, and eat a nutritious snack.

Other display tables provided interactive educational information on smoking and other tobacco products, alcohol consumption, illegal drugs such as "Molly", and sexually transmitted infections. Each table had vivid displays about specific health information for the attendees.

This was a "win-win" event - the nursing students demonstrated their competMonroe Campus Health Fairent skills and extensive knowledge base while the college students walked away with a little more information about their health status. Kudos to the Monroe nursing students for their exemplary displays on keeping us healthy!






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