My Philosophy Teacher Made Me Touch My Toes

August 25, 2011

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Ken Burak's essay "Help! My Philosophy Teacher Made Me Touch My Toes!" has been included in the book "Yoga - Philosophy for Everyone:  Bending Mind and Body." Published by Wiley, the book is available for pre-order now.

Burak's essay is on why and how to teach philosophy in a yoga class, based on his experiences introducing yoga to his philosophy students.

"I like to start off each class with a brief meditation, a few moments of silence just to help us clear our minds to make room for what we're about to do," he says. "The stretching/balancing yoga surprises them, and sometimes they're a bit too self-conscious to focus on it. But once they settle into it, they usually find it a refreshing break from sitting in chairs all day!"

The above photo of Burak's students is included in the book.

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