Passing the Torch

May 08, 2013

The newest Student Senate officers were sworn in at a special dinner ceremony on May 3.

In the largest voter turn-out in Student Senate election history, four new senate officers were chosenNCC Student Senate Inaugural Ceremony to represent the student body of Northampton Community College's Main Campus. The winners are Angel Diaz, chairperson; Joseph Ortiz, vice chairperson; Carolina Mayor, secretary; and Dailyn Yaris Mota, treasurer. Elections for general senate member seats will be held at the start of the fall semester.

Touching moments - and tears - abounded as departing senators Ruthy Gameriro, vice chairperson; Evelyn Galarza, treasurer; Khloud Hassran-Assran, secretary; and Tim Semonich, chairperson; took turns at the podium reminiscing about their time together while thanking each other and their NCC faculty and staff mentors. Also recognized were graduating senators Charles Monoski, Kristin Cook and Don Gamble.

The incoming officers have big shoes to fill. Frank Pologruto, director of Student Life, recalled overhearing Semonich say to his fellow senators during a meeting, "You represent 11,000 credit students. I want you here prepared, well-dressed, and on time."

Pologruto credited the outgoing senators with successfully taking on some very difficult projects, while Dr. Erickson thanked them for helping make his first year at NCC a fabulous one.

"We want you to graduate, but can we change our mind?" Erickson joked. "Know that you never really leave this place. You're always welcome."

After the new senators were sworn in by Dr. Erickson, Semonich handed his ceremonial gavel to the new chairperson Angel Diaz.

"Expectations will be high," Dr. Erickson told the newly-sworn in students. "Don't be afraid to take risks, be bold, to push us and push this institution to even higher heights. Heaven knows with an Angel at the helm, the sky is the limit."


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