Got to Give It Up for NCC Faculty and Staff

May 16, 2014

Staff Appreciation 2014We're pretty sure you didn't hear it through the grapevine. The announcement of the top awards for professional achievement were a tightly held secret until the conclusion of the Staff Appreciation Dinner on May 16.

A crowd of close to 600 faculty, staff and guests gathered in the Arthur L. Scott Spartan Center to celebrate the conclusion of the academic year and to honor colleagues who have reached notable milestones in their careers. (See the list below.)

The grand finale of the annual event is always the naming of the faculty member chosen to receive the Christensen Award for Excellence in Teaching. This year the honor went to Dr. Annette Bruno, an associate professor of education hailed for her exemplary teaching, concern for student success and dedication to college service and professional development.

A former elementary and middle school teacher, Bruno now teaches future teachers how to teach. One of her students says, "She is the most encouraging, uplifting, and supportive teacher I have ever had." Another wrote, "She is who I want to be in 30 years.

Other major awards went to:Staff Appreciation 2014

Dick & Pat Richardson Spirit Award - Sherri Meyers, director, dental hygiene; Annette Savo, finance office assistant

Professional Staff Excellence Award - Mitch Murtha, assistant dean of students

Support Staff Excellence Award - Theresa Romeo, assistant, records office

Adjunct Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award - Frederick Chandler, adjunct, mathematics

Excellence in Non-Credit Instruction Award - Carol Hilborn, art

One award was not listed on the program. Karl Stackhouse, the chair of NCC's Board of trustees took the mic to say "On rare occasions the College bestows upon one of its retiring administrators emeritus status in recognition of lengthy and extraordinary service to the College. This has happened only a handful of times in our history, but tonight is one of those rare and wonderful occasions as we honor Mardi McGuire Closson [retiring vice president of student affairs] for 27 years of stellar service. The crowd rose to its feet as Stackhouse praised Closson for fostering "a culture that celebrates passion for student-centeredness and support for colleagues, and risk-taking in pursuit of helping students be successful - part of the culture we have come to revere as The Northampton Way."

Staff Appreciation 2014When planning a celebration to recognize faculty and staff who routinely claim there is no mountain high enough to keep them from doing their best for students, a Motown theme was a no-brainer. Temptations abounded to boast that NCC staff is supreme: the energetic stylings from the house band, "Motown Imposters" made up of faculty, staff, and family; surprise performances (filled with familiar faces) from "The Supremes," "The Temptations," "Gladys Knight and The Pips," and "Smokey Robinson;" the wow-factor Motown era costumes created by Bill Mutimer, assistant professor of theatre; signature Detroit eats, Coney Dogs and Boston Coolers, prepared by Sodexo; staff who jumped to their feet to lead others in an impromptu happy dance; and a leader of the pack (Dr. Erickson) who had no problem donning a gold lamé jacket to get into the spirit of things.

It was a night where Northampton declared to its faculty and staff:  "You really got a hold on me." They answered back loudly and proudly that the feeling is mutual!




 Charles M. Achenbach, professor of biology

Joan E. Bender, secretary to the dean, allied health sciences

Dennis M. Berkowitz, maintenance

Margaret Bogdanski, assistant director, Leadership Development Institute

Carol Taylor Boyle, assistant director, Center for Healthcare EducationStaff Appreciation 2014

Barbara A. McElrone, secretary, advising

Mardi McGuire-Closson, vice president, student affairs/dean of students

Willard C. Reinhard, assistant program manager, maintenance training

Frank P. Sarko, custodian

John P. Schreiber, assistant director, technical programs

John G. Thomas, III, professor, business law/paralegal studies

Mary T. Zegarski, professor, computer science


To Professor:

Kenneth L. Burak, philosopy

Elba I. Carides, counseling

John K. Leiser, biology

Erin Reilly, sociology

Catherine E. Rienzo, sonography

John F. Spirk, criminal justice

To Associate Professor:

 Kelly R. Allen, English

Jennifer A. DelQuadro, communications/theatre

Marie Everhart, nursing

Chrstina M. Lincoln, early childhood education

Precie A. Schroyer, English

Standard Appointments (equivalent of tenure)Staff Appreciation 2014

Kelly R. Allen, assistant professor, English

Jennifer A. DelQuadro, assistant professor, communications/theatre

Courtney Eger, assistant professor, information sciences librarian

Eileen M. Finelli, assistant professor, English

Advanced Degrees

 Barbara Canfield, Ed.D., educational leadership and management, Drexel University

Mariellen L. Hittner, MS, nursing, Thomas Edison State College

Gloria Lopez, Ed.D., higher education administration, University of Massachusetts

Susan R. Manela, MBA, health management, DeSales University

Gail M. Mrownski, Ed.D., community college leadership, Morgan State University

Mary Jean Osborne, DNP, nursing practitioner, Duquesne University

John (Skip) Todora, BS., compute science, University of Maryland University College

Ginger B. Yavorski, MS, leadership for higher education, Capella University

Forty-Five Years of Service

Sandra Preis, professor, mathematics

Forty Years of Service

Bruce A. Ealer, postal/receiving clerk crew leader

RoseAnn Palsi, call center manager

Thirty Years of Service

Ebrahim T. Ahmadizadeh, professor, mathematics

Mohammed S. Bajwa, professor, economics

Anne L. Egan, administrative assistant, physical plant

Diane M. Holva, financial aid/veterans' affairs assistant

Janet Laubenstein, professor computer/information sciencesStaff Appreciation 2014

Karen L. Parker, associate professor, electronics technology

Daniel R. Peters, science lab technician

Darryl A. Peters, science lab technician

Frank B. Pologruto, director, student life

James A. Von Schilling, professor, English

Twenty-Five Years of Service

Full Time

Diane M. Belles, secretary to the dean of business and technology

Donald C. Corrow,  postal clerk

Sarah Moser, administrative assistant o the vice president of administrative affairs

Karen L. Veres, director, career services

Brenda K. Weppel, administrative assistant, institutional advancement

Part Time

George H. Abt, adjunct, community education

Christina L. Biechy, child care assistant I

MaryAnne E. Gufrovich, custodian

Loretta L. Hein, Adjunct, community education

Barbara A. Morales, information services assistant, library

Martha D. Orsi, adjunct, humanities and social sciences

Ann H. Raines, adjunct, community education

Twenty Years of Service

Full Time

 Lois A. Jaikes, senior systems analyst/developer, information technology

Ricardo A. Orench, lead technician, information technology-Fowler Campus Services

Michelle F. Pappalardo, associate dean, workforce development

Laureen P. Taylor, Hampton Winds Restaurant manager

Part Time

Patrick W. Kelley, adjunct, business and technology

Richard M. Metzger, adjunct, community education

Merlin a. Repsher, adjunct, community educationStaff Appreciation 2014

Ronald Strisofsky, adjunct, allied health and sciences

Fifteen Years of Service

Full Time

 Carole Taylor Boyle, assistant director, center for healthcare education

Terry L. Brindisi, secretary, learning center

Elba I. Carides, associate professor, counseling

Nicholas Gianopulos, custodial crew leader

Christopher A. Klotz, custodian

Erin R. Maciborski, secretary, early childhood education

Annie Laurie I. Meyers, professor, business and office administration

John C. O'Donnell, financial aid officer

Kathryn Rector, assistant to the director, adult literacy/basic workforce development

Darlene M. Tice, secretary, business training resources

Kathi Jo B. Weinert, professor, disability services specialist

Carolyn E. Zanoni, assistant director, community programs

Part Time

Donald Bray, II, adjunct, business and technology

Ziona Brotleit, counselor/ adjunct, student affairs

Marie L. Calandra, records assistant

Nancy Q. Collings, adjunct, community education

Mary Catherine Farrand, adjunct, business and technology

Keith K. Hartranft, adjunct, business and technology

Barbara A. Homoney, administrative assistant, physical plant

Richard C. Homoney, security officer

Patricia Keenan, adjunct, community education

Jean M. Perry, adjunct, community education

Judith A. Prozonic, adjunct, humanities and social sciences, online learning

Yuci Tan, adjunct, business and technology

Mary Patricia Ward, adjunct, community education

Donna L. Weber, switchboard operator/customer service representative/file clerk, call center/records

Ten Years of Service

Full Time

 Vasiliki (Kiki) Anastasakos, professor , political science

Belinda A. Austin, associate dean, Monroe CampusStaff Appreciation 2014

John F. Bednar, assistant dean, Monroe Campus

Barbara A. Bielska, professor, biotechnology, Monroe Campus

Pamela A. Bradley, assistant professor, reading

Donna M. Cardascia, bursar's assistant

Kevin G. Casey, assistant professor, automotive technology

Robert K. Colleta, STEM student specialist

Susan K. Frantz, central duplicating operator

William R. Fulmer, director, enterprise servers and account management services

Jeannie E. Galick, associate professor, mathematics

David J. Gelormo, associate professor, chemistry

Catherine A. Grozier, assistant dean, humanities and social sciences

Mariellen L. Hittner, instructional manager, nursing education

Hope J. Horowitz, professor, social work/sociology

Lucille H. Keim, assistant professor, radiology

Melissa E. Koberlein, professor, communications/theatre

Carl F. Kraemer, postal clerk

Joyce E. Lang, program manager, child care

Charles J. Mathers, associate professor, mathematics, Monroe Campus

Mary S. Mathis, assistant professor, English

Mary C. Maycock, secretary, library

James R. McCarthy, director, admissions

Stephanie R. Piper, KEYS coordinator, New Choices/New Options

Rebecca A. Reddin, administrative assistant to the vice president, academic affairs

Marketa S. Scott, assistant professor, English as a Second Language

Coleen M. Seng, secretary, Leadership Development Institute

Laura J. Shamburger, office assistant, Monroe Campus

Ronit Shemtov, associate professor, sociologyStaff Appreciation 2014

Elaine M. Vasko, learning management system administrator

Beatriz Villar-Fernandez, associate professor, biology, Monroe Campus

Beth S. Wheeler, associate professor, English, Monroe Campus

Part Time

Cynthia C. Adams, adjunct, allied health and sciences, online learning

Donna L. Agamie, adjunct, community education

Debra L. Anagnost, adjunct, community education

Jessica M. Artioli, adjunct, humanities and social sciences

Becky A. Bartlett, adjunct, allied health and sciences

Tara L. Belfield, women's assistant basketball coach

Lori A. Briskie, clinical coordinator, nursing

Geraldine R. Bunnion-O'Dowd, professional tutor, Monroe Campus

Joseph J. Chickey, adjunct business and technology

Kathleen M. Cortright, adjunct, allied health and sciences

Jan M. Crooker, adjunct, humanities and social sciences

Diane C. Csaszar, note taker, disability services

Holly L. Derhammer, adjunct, community education

Mary Elizabeth Donnelly, adjunct, business and technology, online learning

Phyllis M. Engler, cashier, bursar

Barry L. Faust, adjunct, humanities and social sciences, online learning

Marilyn A. Frable, adjunct, community education

Jaime H. Gallagher, adjunct, humanities and social sciences

Marlene A. Gebhard, program coordinator/facilitator, adult literacy

William J. Gibney, adjunct, humanities and social sciences, online learning

John E. Gnall, adjunct, humanities and social sciences, Monroe Campus

Ivy L. Hagenbuch, information services assistant, Monroe Campus

Jesse R. Harris, adjunct, community education

David B. Hassler, student enrollment specialist and adjunct, adult literacy, community education

John T. Hoback, adjunct business and technology, online learning

Won-Chin L. Huang, adjunct, business and technology, online learning

Heather D. Jones, adjunct, humanities and social science, online learningStaff Appreciation 2014

Thomas J. Kelly, adjunct, humanities and social science, online learning

Barbara K. Kern, mail/receiving clerk

Rose M. Kwolek, adjunct, education and academic success

Kevin P. LeDonne, adjunct, humanities and social sciences, online learning

Jennifer LeVan, adjunct business and technology

Michael M. Logan, adjunct, humanities and social sciences, Monroe Campus

Thomas A. McGovern, adjunct, allied health and sciences

Rachel A. Melendez, adjunct community education

Thomas J. Molinaro, adjunct, humanities and social sciences

Brian J. Peer, adjunct, humanities and social sciences, online learning

Judith O. Pennington, adjunct, community education

Donna L. Piazza, adjunct, community education

Kristin M. Rex, adjunct, community education

Dale R. Ritter, adjunct, humanities and social sciences, online learning

Steven G. Rothweiler, adjunct business and technology, online learning

Dodie B. Sable, adjunct, community education

Elizabeth L. Schaffer, adjunct, allied health and sciences, online learning

Michael S. Sidaras-Tiirrito, adjunct, business and technology

Brian W. Snyder, adjunct, business and technology

Richard F. Snyder, adjunct, community education

JoAnn L. Standlik, adjunct allied health and sciences

Susan C. Stifel, adjunct, education and academic success, online learning

Crystal L. M. Torcivia, early childhood education aide

Janet Troche-Molerio, adjunct, community education

June Van Slooten, tutorial coordinator and adjunct, adult literacy, community education

Gloria I. Vega, custodian

Elisabeth E. Walakovits, adjunct, community education

Matthew D. West, adjunct, humanities and social sciences, online learning

Keri-Lyn Wheeler, adjunct, allied health and sciences

Diana W. Worman, adjunct, community education

Qun Xu, adjunct, community education

Deana D. Young, adjunct, community education

Carol Ann Yuknis, adjunct, community education

Andria M. Zaia, adjunct humanities and social sciences

Holly M. Zakos, adjunct, business and technology, online learning

Todd P. Zimmerman, adjunct, humanities and social sciences, online learning

Douglas C. Zucco, adjunct, humanities and social sciences

Check out more photos from the event in this Flickr gallery.



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