Two Students Honored as Outstanding Presenters at Beacon

By Nancy Trautmann
June 06, 2012

On June 1, Northampton Community College was well-represented at the 20th Annual BeaconFrom left to right:  Laura Halsel, Kevin Bautista, Stacy Beaty, Abigail Tjaden, Pamela Sutliff, Gregory Schmidt, and Melissa Puskar Conference for Student Scholars at Two-Year Colleges held at Westchester Community College in Valhalla, New York.  Two NCC students were honored as outstanding presenters. Stacy Beaty, mentored by Gina Turner and Sharon Lee-Bond, was recognized as outstanding presenter for her paper "The Effect of Education and Stress Reduction Programs on Feelings of Control and Positive Lifestyle Changes in Cancer Patients and Survivors" in the Psychology panel.   Melissa Puskar, mentored by Beth Wheeler, was judged outstanding presenter in the panel on Nutrition and Fitness for her paper "The High Cost of Cheap Food."  

Four other students presented papers in panels at the Beacon Conference:  Gregory Schmidt, mentored by Cyd Skinner, presented "Violent Video Games: A Mere Enjoyable Pass-Time or a Snake in the Grass to Modern Youth";  Susan Crawford, mentored by Cara McClintock-Walsh, presented "The Endless Cycle in Joyce's 'The Dead'"; Kevin Bautista presented "One Discipline, Different Paths" and Pamela Sutliff presented "The New Homeless - Economic Recession Hits the Middle Class: A Proposed Sociological Study."  Both Kevin and Pamela were mentored by Alison Diefenderfer .

In addition, four students presented papers at the conference's poster session:

Laura E. Halsel "An Artist of a Kind" -- Mentor:  Margaret Borene;

Abigail Tjaden "The Mirror Image"-- Mentor:  Shauna Gobble;

Jacey Berger "Banking Cord Blood: One Step Closer to Saving Lives" --Mentor: Randy Boone;

Christopher Doolittle "Rehabilitation and Incarceration: A National Problem" -- Mentor:  Jennifer Bradley.

Twelve member of the NCC community also served as readers for the Beacon submissions: William Whyte , Ann Marie Laskiewicz-Ross , Randy Boone, Denise Chaytor-Zugarek, Samantha Ruschman, Jill Hirt, Allison Carpenter, Christine Armstrong, Denise Francois-Sweeney, Kim de Bourbon,  Barbara Love, and Precie Schroyer.  Readers and faculty mentors are essential to the Beacon Conference and we are grateful for their enthusiastic participation.

Next year's Beacon Conference will be held at Northampton Community College on June 7, 2013.


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