"Your Purpose is Beyond Yourself"

By Myra Saturen
April 09, 2014

Dalairis (Dolly) Amaro, a communications study major at Northampton Community College (NCC) attended the Clinton Global Initiative ConferenceDolly Amaro from March 21 through 23 at Arizona State University.  She was one of 1,200 student leaders from all over the world chosen from among 5,000 applicants for the conference organized by Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.  The American Association of University Women (AAUW) sponsored the conference.  Amaro is a member of the Bethlehem, PA, branch.    

Each participant created a project.  Amaro's is "Inspired: Beyond What Glitters," which is an all-day retreat on leadership at NCC for fifty students from three urban school districts in economically poor areas.  Included will be five workshops and a college fair.  The date is to be determined.  She has also started a nonprofit organization, Beyond What Glitters LLC and will publish a book Beyond What Glitters this summer. 

Amaro left the conference with vast new knowledge.  "I learned that youth can change the world," she says.  "I learned how to build a team and to raise funds and about the environment, networking, the global situation and changes in education. 

In February, Amaro was one of three NCC students to receive and implement a grant from AAUW to present a series of workshops for students who are parents.  She is a member of NCC's Leadership Class. 

A second-year NCC student, Amaro plans to continue her education at DeSales University, majoring in social leadership. 

But her life's purpose is broader:  to help others through inspiration and leadership.  "Your purpose is greater than yourself," she says.  "I want to help others-especially women and girls from low-income areas-to find purposes of their own." 



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