Social Work

Social Work studentsStudents involved in the Social Work program possess a personal commitment to serving individuals, families, groups and communities. They have highly desired people skills and feel the need to give a voice to society's most vulnerable. They see answers in difficult situations where others may see no solution. At NCC, students build on the NASW Code of Ethics by taking advantage of service learning opportunities and getting involved in the Social Work Club. The opportunities to make a difference are endless.

NCC asks the question "Where Are You Going?" For graduates of the Social Work program, the answer is a career in everything from youth and family services, to addiction and mental health services, to domestic violence or elder care programs. All of these programs have a pressing need for and nationwide shortage of social workers. Social workers are educated individuals who are willing to advocate for those overlooked and left behind. NCC can put those who care about human dignity and social justice on the right path to impacting lives using their gift of leadership.

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