Adventure Course Operations and Management

Adventure Course Operations and Management Programs

Designed for the daringly confident student who seeks to be a leader in the outdoors, the Adventure Course Operations and Management specialized degrees at Northampton Community College prepare students for the their level 1 certification. If you strive to encourage others to develop leadership skills through outdoor education, these specialized degree can help jumpstart your career.

The Adventure Course training at Northampton is divided between two specialized diplomas: adventure course operations and adventure course management. Which program a student chooses depends on their career goals and personal interests within the field. Both programs can be completed in one year at our Monroe campus.

Students that successfully complete either program are qualified to take a certification exam to become a Level 1-Traditional Challenge Course Structure facilitator through Association of Challenge Course Technology(ACCT), the world's leading and largest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Developer focused specifically and solely on the challenge course industry.

Adventure Course Operations

This program develops the knowledge and skills required for success in the fast-growing adventure challenge course industry. From high ropes leadership courses to low ropes facilitator trainings, students are instructed in every aspect of operations. Through our comprehensive curriculum, students are exposed to the design, performance, and inspection standards of challenge course facilities with extensive time devoted to understanding the associated safety and risks.

Adventure Course Management 

The management curriculum covers much of the same materials as the operations program, reviewing common industry standards that every professional should be aware of. However, this program also focuses on the importance of guest service and teaches students skills in leadership, finance, budgeting, sales, and marketing.


Graduates of either Adventure Course specialized diploma can seek employment to manage and/or operate various adventure courses at area resorts or find work as outdoor activity instructors. With additional training and education, you could work in outdoor pursuit centers, recreation centers, national parks, or specialist adventure sport centers.

Career paths available to our graduates include:

  • Rope Course Operator
  • Rope Course Manager
  • Resort Activity Coordinator
  • Tour Guide
  • Outdoor Activity Coordinator

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The specialized degrees in Adventure Course Operations and Management at Northampton Community College present an opportunity to pursue careers in the outdoor adventure field. To learn more about these programs, request information today.

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