COVID-19 Information & Fall Plans


  • Reflection Sessions: As reflection is an integral part of service-learning, the sessions are specifically geared towards service-learning experiences.
  • Democracy 101: A series of lectures, panels and discussions that are mainly focused on the idea and practice of democracy as well as highlighting some of the major issues that are prevalent locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Lobby Day: Students are encouraged to participate in Pennsylvania Commission for Community Colleges’ Annual Lobby Day at the Capitol by visiting their local legislators to advocate on behalf of the colleges’ budget request. Through participation in Lobby Day, students gain experience in advocacy work.
  • Day of Service: CCCE has a rich history of hosting an annual day of service that creates opportunities for students to feel a sense of responsibility for their communities as well as boosting their inclination to be knowledgeable of their communities.
  • Interactive Forum (formerly known as Reflection Sessions): CCCE hosts various topics to increase understanding of contemporary social issues in our society.
  • Constitution Day: NCC hosts “Let’s Celebrate Constitution Day!” - an opportunity to broaden students’ knowledge of the constitution and contemporary issues that have shaped our history and their lives.
  • National Voter Registration Day at NCC: The National Voter Registration Day at NCC focuses on ensuring that all eligible students have an opportunity to complete the application to cast a ballot in an election.
  • George S. McElwee Forum for Excellence in Public Service: CCCE partners with NCC Political Science Club on George S. McElwee Forum for Excellence in Public Service that aims to educate and set an example for the community on issues of public service and its intersection with government and politics.
  • Volunteer Recognition Day: Focuses on honoring and recognizing students, faculty, and staff who are dedicated to causes and helping others.