Service Learning FAQ

Service Learning Information for Students

What is the difference between service learning and doing volunteer work?

Service learning is a course based service experience. You will be asked your thoughts and feelings about your service experience through reflection activities such as directed writings, small group discussions, and class presentations. All service projects will directly relate to what you are learning in the classroom.

How do I sign up for service learning?

You can become involved in service learning by signing up for a course that offers service learning as an option. The service learning administrator will visit your class early in the semester and go over the application process in detail. For a complete list of the courses and section numbers that offer the service learning option, please contact the service learning administrator at 610.861.5061. The service learning option varies from course to course each semester.

Do I need to have transportation to the site?

Yes, you must have your own transportation.

How many hours of service are required during the semester?

This depends on the individual instructor however, you can expect to spend approximately 10-20 hours per semester.

What are some of the sites/services that I can choose from?

Students work in various sites throughout the Lehigh Valley and Monroe campus areas. A sampling includes: after school tutoring at local elementary schools; recreational aids at Bethlehem Boys and Girls Club; mentoring/tutoring at the Easton Children's Home; prepare and serve meals at Trinity ARK Soup Kitchen in Easton; be a spotter for disabled youth who as part of their therapy ride horses; serve as activity assistants in nursing homes; provide support in local probation and police departments; perform duties on an as needed basis at Turning Point, Third Street Alliance, and Safe Harbor. There are many more opportunities: please contact the service learning administrator for further information.

Is service learning extra credit?

No. Service learning is built into the course's objectives and goals. Because it is typically an option, there will be different requirements for the service learning activity depending on the instructor. Your final grade will be based on your performance on all required components of the class. Some instructors may require a weekly journal of your experiences in lieu of a term paper. You may have different supplemental readings, or be asked to present your experiences to the class.