Infectious Disease Task Force



Judith Rex, Ph.D.    

David A. Ruth, Ph.D.

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Task Force Members 

Karen Angeny, Executive Director, Human Resources
Tom Barnowski - Director, Emg. Services/Corp/Public Safety Training
Karen Bearce - Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs 
Carolyn, Bortz - Vice President, Academic Affairs
Dustin, Briggs - Assistant Professor, Communications
Robert Bryant - Facilities Manager, Facilities 
Paula Burch - Associate Professor, Biology
Leann Cocca -Assistant Professor, Academic Literacy
Maria Dietrich - Assistant Director, Center for Global Ed and International Svc 
Brad Drexler - Executive Director, Mkt/Communication 
Jim Dunleavy - Vice President, Finance & Administration
Marie Everhart - Associate Professor, Allied Health
Allison Fitzpatrick - Vice President, Monroe Campus
Sedgwick Harris - Vice President, Student Affairs & Enrollment
Char Hartley - Executive Chef, Sodexo
Rebecca Heid -Associate Professor, Hospitality
Janelle Howey - Assistant Dean, Student Life 
Tim Jackson - Catering Manager, Sodexo
Kate Karalunas - Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene
Lucy Keim - Professor, Radiography
Kathy Kresge - Associate Professor, Biology
Lauren Loeffler - Vice President Workforce Development / CMED 
Denise Madzik - Professional Assistant/Coordinator, Reibmans Children Center 
Andrea Marcolla - Counselor, Counseling 
Robert Meyer - Manager, Sodexo Dining Services 
Jacey Mitchell - Assistant Professor, Dental Hygiene
Keith Morris - Chief, Public Safety/Security
Tracy Newman - Nurse, Health Center 
Alyson Patascher - Program Manager, Public Health
Megan Reed - Senior Director, Mkt/Communication 
Katie Reitenauer - Secretary, Center for Global Ed and International Svc 
Judy Rex - Dean, Allied Health & Sciences
Eric Rosenthal - Dean, Student Success & Retention
David Ruth - Vice President / Chief of Staff, President's Office 
Precie Schroyer - Associate Dean, Monroe Campus 
Bill Smith - Design & Construction Project Manager, Physical Plant 
Troy Tucker - Director, Athletics