New York Early Care and Education Employees

As an New York Early Care and Education Employee, you have these program options:

  • Child Development Associate - CDA Candidates complete 135 hours of course work plus an assessment and credentialing process that is submitted to the Council for Professional Recognition. Three courses (3 credits each) are required:
    EARL106 Early Childhood Development and Learning
    EARL217 The Child, Family and Community
    EARL244 Early Childhood Profession
  • Associate's Degree - This AAS degree can qualify you to be a teacher (depending on state and/or country requirements) or transfer to a Bachelor's Degree program. A total of 61 credit hours is required, which are a combination of Early Childhood Education courses and General Education courses.
  • CDA Articulation to AAS Degree - If you have completed your CDA course work requirements, and have obtained your CDA credential, you can receive 9 credits toward the AAS Degree. You must provide NCC with a copy of your CDA Credential and transcripts for the CDA courses you completed. If you cannot supply the transcripts, you will receive 6 credits.

Getting Started - New York Early Care and Education Employees