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Online Early Childhood Education program at Northampton Community College is the first online program to be nationally accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

True to its commitment to Access, Engagement and Excellence...Northampton Community College offers its entire Early Childhood Associate Degree, Certificate and Specialized Diplomas online. The online programs are designed to meet the needs of students who are unable to go to a college campus and/or fit into a traditional college schedule format. Students can complete course work asynchronously according to their own schedule.

What makes our program unique?

  • First nationally accredited online program by National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • Small class size (15 students)
  • Qualified and experienced faculty
  • Multiple semester start dates for courses
  • 15-week and 10-week long course options
  • Online student orientation, advising and registration
  • Constructivist arts-integrated learning with focus on English Language Learners and Universal Designed Learning to include all children
  • Affordably priced

All programs are supported by:

  • Experienced and qualified faculty in online teaching
  • Online early childhood tutor
  • Technology support services during evenings and weekends
  • Accommodations for special needs

Online classes include:

  • eCDA includes eModules: Interactive, computer-based scenarios
  • Web search
  • Discussion Forum: interactions with classmates and instructor
  • Reflections and assessment of learning
  • E-portfolio
  • Lab-based courses require video documentation of field work (we recommend the Flip camera and QuickTime pro software )
  • We use Blackboard Learning Management System for all online learning