Phil. 111G - On Death and Dying


Required Readings

Plato's "Phaedo"   
Universal Fear
Moses 5 Stages
EKR 5 Stages
eidegger 1
Heidegger 2
The Suicide of Robin Williams
Medicate Your Dissent
Boccaccio    /    OH DEATH!
Tibetan D+D   /   Dalai Lama
Death in Popular Culture
Dr. Death
Active / Passive Euthanasia 

twin towers



More Stuff...

Meds and Suicide

antidepressants and suicide

drugs and mass-shootings

What Is Death?

OverDose Death

Death in Philly

Stoic Embrace of Death

Mexican Day of Dead

Need to Change Burial

Are NDEs Hallucinations?

giraffe    /    Homer
My Life
Falling Man
What It feels Like to Die 

Suicide / SupremeCourt

existential crisis?

Whose Life?

Pharma video

Black Death video

about Ernest Becker

euthanasia debate
Suicide video
Suicide Epidemic
Death Midwide !? 
Why we never die...
Death of Socrates video
Aeon - death 
Suicide debate video
How Doctors Die
|Lazarus   /   Black Star
Key and Peele
Brain death
The Death of Ivan Ilych  

Medicate Your Dissent
Nothing Deep About Depression
Facing Loss
Intro. Vocab.
Quotes from EKR
Belief and Fear of Death film 
Tibetan Book of Dead film  
Book of Dead summary
Seventh Seal
Golden Gate Bridge Jumpers
The Bridge (film)
The Falling Man (film)
Camus    /    Camus
Death ppt
EKR in old age
Heidegger + Death
Cobain    /    Beethoven
Death in Middle Ages 
Hamlet Soliloquy
Game Over     /     Killology
Problems in Death Industry
Embalming / Environment
How to Favorably Impress Instructor
   Absurdity    /     Nihilism  
NDEs Explained !  
To Heaven and Back ! 
death angst ? nature or nurture?
Carpe Diem !
Up to 13:00...  Black Death 


Adam & Eve