Phil. 111G - On Death and Dying


How to Overcome Fear of Your Own Death




Are NDEs Hallucinations?

Universal Fear

Plato's "Phaedo"

Katha Upanishad

Suzuki, Transmigration

Moses 5 Stages

EKR 5 Stages

EKR Public Talk

Boccaccio | OH DEATH!

Death in Popular Culture

Doctor Death

Active / Passive Euthanasia

Mortal Remains

Perspectives on Death and Dying!

twin towers


More Stuff...

Tibetan Death + Dying

Can science prove NDEs?

Nagel, Death

Nagel, The Absurd

Socrates video


Are NDEs Real?

Homo Mortalis

Can science explain NDE?

Animals aware of death?

benefits of contemplating death (interview)

benefits of contemplating death video

we need to change burial

grief changes our brain

terror management theory

Carpe Diem     screenplay

seventh seal


27 Club video

Heidegger 1

Heidegger 2


Suicide of Robin Williams

Medicate Your Dissent

Psychology of Authenticity

YAMA!      /     Further East

Jack Speaks!

Jack video

What Words Offend College Students?

Local cemeteries

Meds and Suicide

Antidepressants and Suicide

Meditate on Death?

Drugs and Mass-Shootings

What Is Death?

OverDose Death

Death in Philly

Stoic Embrace of Death

Mexican Day of Dead

Need to Change Burial

Thomas Lynch

Game Over preview


Military Suicides UP

Phaedo Summary

Giraffe | Homer

Worms | Goldfish

My Life

Falling Man


BOC | Biggie

What It feels Like to Die

Suicide / SupremeCourt

Existential Crisis?

Whose Life?

Pharma Video

Black Death Video

About Ernest Becker

Change Burial?

Euthanasia Ddebate


RW Alc. | RW&LJ

Suicide Video

Suicide Epidemic

Death Midwide!?

Why We Never Die.

Death of Socrates Video

Aeon - Death

Suicide Debate Video

How Doctors Die


Black Star

Key and Peele

Brain Death 1    /   Brain Death 2

The Death of Ivan Ilych


Medicate Your Dissent

Nothing Deep About Depression

Facing Loss

Intro. Vocab.

Quotes from EKR

Belief and Fear of Death film

Tibetan Book of Dead Film

Book of Dead Summary

Seventh Seal

Golden Gate Bridge Jumpers

The Bridge (Film)

The Falling Man (Film)

Camus 1 | Camus 2


Death Powerpoint

EKR in Old Age

Heidegger + Death


Cobain | Beethoven

Death in Middle Ages

Hamlet Soliloquy

Game Over | Killology

To Heaven and Back !

Death Angst ? Nature or Nurture?

Up to 13:00... Black Death

Rousseau on Suicide


Adam & Eve