Ethics and Moral Problems


Readings on RACE (All Online)

Ibram X. Kendi,  The End of Denial  (Link)

KENDI, Stamped from the Beginning  (Link)

Cornell West, We’re Done Dying - June 14, 2020 (link)

Cornell West, A Grand Tradition of Struggle (PDF)

Cornell West, Interview July 30, 2020 (link)

Cornell West on CNN, June 20, 2020 (link)

Frederick Douglass, My Freedom (PDF)

Life of Frederick Douglass (link)

Coates, The Case For Reparations (PDF)

Appiah, Race, Culture, Identity (PDF)

Mills, Metaphysics of Race (PDF)

Davis, Are Prisons Obsolete? (PDF)

Dr. King, Letter (link)

McIntosh, White Privilege (PDF)

Western Philosophy is Racist (link)

Christianity and White Supremacy (link)

Race and Genetics (link)

The Ontology of Race by Abiral Chitrakar Phnuyal

Responding to Morally Flawed Historical Philosophers
by Victor Fabian Abundez-Guerra and Nathan Nobis

Reparations for Historic Injustice by Joseph Frigault

Aristotle’s Defense of Slavery by Dan Lowe

Removing Confederate Monuments by Travis Timmerman

How Can we Win, Kimberly Jones (YouTube)

Origin of Race in USA (video)

Frederick Douglass, What to the Slave is the 4th of July? (PDF)

The 1619 Project (Link)

Black Skin, White Mask  (Documentary)

13th (Important Documentary)

I'm Not a Racist, But..." (Project Muse)

Western Philosophy is Racist (link)

Christianity and White Supremacy (link)

Race and Genetics (link)

Philosophy's Systemic Racism  (Link)

Locke and Slavery? (link)

Why We Shouldn't Compare Transracial to Transgender

Transcending Racial Divisions!

CRT:  Critical Race Theory, 


Critical Evaluations of CRT...


ALTRUISM       /      EGOISM

Frans de Waal      /      Ayn RAND

By MILL   /   About MILL

Genetic Enhancement    /     Gen. Eng. Basics 

Animal Rights 



Why Be Non-binary?

Active / Passive Euthanasia

Moral / Legal Status of Abortion

“Always Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end in itself.”      ―   Immanuel Kant


Kant on Lies

Aristotle, Happiness

Hobbes, Freedom

Mill, Harm

Sartre, choice

Simone, gender

Rand, Ego

Selfless Love?

Lex Talionos

Singer, save

Civil Disobedience

Greed is Good

RAND yay   /    RAND boo

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Moral Relativism

Urban Gorilla

HARAMBE  /  binti jua

Virtue theory

School of Life   Aristotle

School of Life   KANT

Utilitarianism, Part1


Kant on Lying     /   Moral Theories on Lying

Gilligan Theory

9/11 hero

Darwin - Altruism

3-Minute Kant


2018 Climate report

Am I Cisgender?

What is GI?

Sports and GENDER



Intro. Existentialism

Carpe Diem!


Not A Hero?

Tucker Carlson

What Words Offend College Students?

Ethics Movies

CHS on Feminism | CHS | CHS Fascist?

Dogs | squirrels | Binti Jua | gorilla | HarambeNJ Bear

No Crying In Baseball...

Men Women Brains

Moral Theory Archives

Why Not Frack?

U.S. Bill of Rights

Trump on Abortion: 1 | 2

Thirteen Reasons ?

VOX Abortion Rights

De-Sensitization! (Colonel Dave Grossman)

Trained to Kill (Dave Grossman)


Extreme Measures

STNG Ethics!

Joy Luck Club

High Noon (Start at 33:30)

13th Warrior

3 Waves Of Feminism

Aristotle, ETHICS | Virtual Morality

PLATO, Ring of Gyges 

HOBBES, state of nature

Roe vs. Wade... 1 | 2


Existentialism Is a Humanism

KANT,  Deontolgy

Bentham, Utilitarianism

Hard Problems of Vegetarianism

Title IX, Federal Law, 1972   No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

Sexual Harassment describes a range of actions that involve the harassment of a person due to their sex. Actions may include unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature, or the creation of a hostile working environment. Sexual harassment often involves bullying or coercion and the harassers typically have social or economic power over the victim.

Game Over preview

Dead Poets Society: Conformity

Are Women Morally Superior To Men?

Baseball Egoism | Baseball Altruism

Examples of Altruism (?) - 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

How to Favorably Impress the Instructor

Video Excerpts:

Dying To Be Thin

Modern Meat

Cracking the Code of Life

Medicating Kids

The Torture Question

Media Education Foundation Videos

Merchants of Cool

Dreamworlds3 | CC Version

Killing Us Softly | Slim Hopes

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