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The Dark Side of Thomas Jefferson  12pages (look for Print icon)

A Progressive Defense of Thomas Jefferson  10pages

The Enlightenment 

SCT Social Contract Theory

Discourse on Method - Part IV only!

Cartesian Circle

BORDO on Descartes


Forgotten Founders

Kant, What Is Enlightenent? 

Hume - Of Miracles  (abridged)

Hume was Complex

Hume was a Racist

Kant  -  Freedom and Ethics

Kant's racism and sexism


metaphysics of VR

Voltaire (Tolerance)

Voltaire doc.

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Scientific Revolution

The Enlightenment

Constitution of Iroquois Confederacy

USA Constitution

Philosophy's Systemic Racism

Adam Smith was Anti-Slavery

Locke and Slavery?

Carolyn Merchant

Malleus Maleficarum

Early Modern Texts

Mod. Phil. Archives

Commemorating Mary

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Problem of Evil

Last of mohicans

Rationalism / Empiricism

Hume - my own life

Abridgement of THEODICY

Bentham, Utilitarianism

Hobbes, state of nature

Progress Isn't Natural


Robert C. Solomon

Are We Really So Modern ?

How Rousseau Predicted Trump

Beginnings of Modern Science 

School of Life ...


ROUSSEAU     /     HOBBES     /     LOCKE


Adam Smith






Selections from Kant's "Prolegomena"

Hume the humane!

Bentham, Utilitarianism

Discourse On Method

Cartesian Circle

Science Timeline

Montaigne on Self-Esteem

Pat Robertson Haiti


  Wollstonecraft (Vindication)

Hume's   Abstract

Hume On Identity

Kant  -  Perpetual Peace!?

Kant study guide


Kant ppt.

examples - apriori / a posteriori 

Meditation2  youtube robot

  Theodicy on youtube

Cosmological Argument youtube

Leibniz - Contingency Argument 

Leibniz - Cosmological Argument

Age of Reason  Thomas Paine

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Kant with Art

Voltaire + Jefferson

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Galileo's Trial:    1   /    2   / 3    NOVA!

Christianity and Science docu.

Kant R+E  youtube

Hume, Miracles ppt.

Hume, Abstract ppt.

Theodicy ppt.

Descartes + Wax

Descartes + Matrix

Secrets of Psychics... 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

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The Iroquois are a historically powerful northeast Native American confederacy in North America. They were known during the colonial years to the French as the Iroquois League, Later as the Iroquois Confederacy, and to the English as the Five Nations, comprising the MohawkOnondagaOneidaCayuga, and Seneca. After 1722, they accepted the Tuscarora people, as they were also Iroquoian-speaking, and became known as the Six Nations.

"Cartesian Anxiety" - "The Meditation of yesterday filled my mind with so many doubts that it is no longer in my power to forget them. And yet I do not see in what manner I can resolve them; and, just as if I had all of a sudden fallen into very deep water, I am so disconcerted that I can neither make certain of setting my feet on the bottom, nor can I swim and so support myself on the surface."

Of Med.2, Descartes wrote... You say you want to stop and ask whether I'm wedded to the view that the soul always thinks. Why shouldn't it always think, given that is a thinking substance? It's not surprising that we don't remember the thoughts the soul had when in the womb or in a deep sleep, because there are many other thoughts that we also don't remember, although we know we had them as healthy, wide-awake adults.

The philosophy of Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) is sometimes called the "Copernican revolution of philosophy" to emphasize its novelty and huge importance. Kant synthesized (brought together) rationalism and empiricism. After Kant, the old debate between rationalists and empiricists ended, and epistemology went in a new direction. After Kant, no discussion of reality or knowledge could take place without awareness of the role of the human mind in constructing reality and knowledge.

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