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Metaphysics of VR !

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 Wollstonecraft  (Vindication)

Selections from Kant's "Prolegomena"

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The philosophy of Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) is sometimes called the "Copernican revolution of philosophy" to emphasize its novelty and huge importance. Kant synthesized (brought together) rationalism and empiricism. After Kant, the old debate between rationalists and empiricists ended, and epistemology went in a new direction. After Kant, no discussion of reality or knowledge could take place without awareness of the role of the human mind in constructing reality and knowledge.

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School of Life - David Hume

Of Med.2, Descartes wrote... You say you want to stop and ask whether I'm wedded to the view that the soul always thinks. Why shouldn't it always think, given that is a thinking substance? It's not surprising that we don't remember the thoughts the soul had when in the womb or in a deep sleep, because there are many other thoughts that we also don't remember, although we know we had them as healthy, wide-awake adults. While the mind is joined to the body, its only way of remembering its past thoughts is by applying itself to traces of those thoughts imprinted on the brain. So wouldn't we expect that the brain of an infant, or of a man fast asleep, is not in a good state for receiving these traces?

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