Karla Erdman, NCC Alum

"I love it when students realize that they have learned something in my classroom," says Karla Erdman, a 10th- and 11th- grade language arts teacher at Freedom High School, Bethlehem.    This satisfaction "has me walking through the front door of school each day, year after year." 

After graduating from NCC, Karla earned a bachelor's degree at Moravian College and a master's degree in 21st century teaching and learning at Wilke's University.   

"When one can write to communicate effectively, the person can do anything...anywhere...anytime," she says.   

"NCC's secondary education program helps students engage in a discipline that is ever-changing yet encompasses so many aspects of human nature-education, psychology, communication, etc."  

Karla Erdman, B.A., MSEd. -  Freedom High School Teacher and NCC Secondary Education Grad