Library Instruction

The NCC Libraries offer information literacy instruction for any NCC course in which students perform research. Library instruction can help ease student anxiety about the library/research, help students avoid frustration when researching, and allow students to discover the best sources. Instructors should see an improvement in students' source selection and will easily be able to observe where students are in the research process.

Information literacy is a General Education outcome, whereby all students should leave our college being able to "demonstrate effective research skills in gathering and using information." Specifically, students should be able to "locate and identify appropriate information; critically evaluate source information and incorporate it effectively into their work; and demonstrate an understanding of the ethical and legal use of intellectual property." This outcome is very important to the campus community. Library instruction that is integrated with course assignments is ideal for effective student learning and helps meet this outcome.  

Once the librarians have received your request, we will contact you to confirm your booking and create a tailored session for your students.

Please review our online Research Basics at NCC tutorial and consider referring students to it as an alternative to a library class. It covers many basic research concepts and our most used search tools. Our course-specific research guides are an additional resource if class cannot be scheduled on your preferred day and time.

Students may also schedule individual research appointments with a librarian by submitting a Book a Librarian request.

Contact the librarian team at 610-861-5359 or