5 Reasons to Take a Summer Class

Summer. Well. Spent

Whether you're already an NCC student, or just home from another college for break, taking a class -- or two! -- at Northampton Community College this summer makes a lot of sense. Here's why:

•1.       Schedule - If you get a class (or two!) out of the way over the summer, you may be able to take a lighter course load in the fall. For guest students, it's easy to transfer credits to your current college or university. 

•2.       Shorter Class Time - Summer classes are more time-compacted than those during the regular semester. This can be great for classes you're not really looking forward to taking!

•3.       Retake Classes - Did you fail or have to withdraw from a difficult class? Summer is the perfect time to retake it and boost your GPA! You can devote your time to that one class, and increase your chances of passing it!

•4.       Take Harder Courses - It's easier to succeed in a difficult course if it's the only one you're taking. Plus, fewer students in the summer means your instructor will be even more accessible!

•5.       Finish Your Degree Faster - Every class you take puts you that much closer to graduation!