D’Versapalooza 2018

Cooking up culture from around the world

Mia Rossi,

People grabbed their monopoly money at the start of D’Versapalooza held in the Monroe Campus Food Court. Using that money, which was accepted in every country unlike United States dollars, attendees sampled a variety of cuisine from around the world that NCC students made and brought to the event. They represented the many countries that our students come from around the world.


Britain’s table had candies like Curly Wurly, produced in the country across the pond. People stopped by Sweden to have their signature meatballs and Italy for a carbonara dish with a side of cannoli, being piped in front of attendees!


Egypt had plenty of food with a warm milk drink, rice pudding, baba ghanoush and falafel. South Korea had delicious fried rice and comics written in the language. Habichuelas con dulce, sweet beans, were set up to represent the Dominican Republic, and the HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Latino Awareness) student ambassadors danced to Hispanic music as they served their country’s food.


PSECU served up some international scams as a part of this international celebration day. Students could win prizes as they were taught how to avoid job and money scams that come from around the world.


There was plenty of food and fun to go around! Click here to see the gallery.