International Student Celebration

Be yourself and be proud of yourself

The multicultural diversity at Northampton Community College (NCC) was on full display at the International Student Celebration on November 20. International Student CelebrationSponsored by the International Student Organization (ISO), the annual event allows students to share information about their home countries in addition to songs, dances and food from around the world with the NCC community.

Students from Tunisia spoke about their country and how little people know about it.

"When I say I'm from Tunisia, people say 'Wow! Awesome! Where's Tunisia?' " one student joked.

The African country is nicknamed the Jewel of the Mediterranean, the students explained. "It's about the size of Wisconsin but not as cold. We're freezing!" One student said, referencing the unseasonably cold weather Pennsylvania is presently experiencing.

Danish students acted more like travel agents as they sold their country to the audience, speaking about fun music festivals, beaches (some nude!) and the oldest monarchy in Europe. "We have a lot of castles and a queen. She's beautiful, by the way," a student shared. "Copenhagen is awesome. You should come! I hope I will see you. Just give me a call and I will show you around."

The audience was entertained by singers, a traditional Syrian dance, and treated to a demonstration by NCC's Self Defense Club.

"Be yourself and be proud of yourself," Ali Abdulhayoglu, a student from Turkey and the MC for the event, said at the conclusion.

"They've done a wonderful job," Mark Orse of Admissions and the advisor to the ISO said. "I'm so proud of them."

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