NCC Grad Shares Pulitzer Prize Image

Carol Guzy's work is on display in an exhibit of Pulitzer-Prize winning photographs

An exhibit of Pulitzer Prize-winning photographs at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre includes a dramatic image captured by Carol Guzy '77.  The exhibit heralds the Carol Guzy 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Pulitzer Prize in 1917 by Joseph Pulitzer, a Hungarian immigrant who fought in the Civil War and later made a fortune in the newspaper business. 

Guzy is the only person to win four Pulitzer Prizes for journalism:  one for breaking news, one for feature photography and two for spot news photography.  She majored in nursing at Northampton, and many of her images of suffering show "the heart of a nurse."  She has returned to Northampton several times to see friends and to discuss her work.  You can see which of her photographs is included in the exhibit at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre here.  The article also includes comments from Guzy.