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Amber Hess: Criminal Justice Student

Amber Hess, follows in her family's footsteps as she studys Criminal Justice at NCC

Amber Hess, much like her parents, decided to come to NCC, and here she began her studies in Criminal Justice to carry on the law enforcement legacy of her grandfather, uncle and father. "I wanted to start somewhere close to home, and I've always heard how amazing the professors at NCC are," she says.

NCC changed Amber for the better. "I've gained more academic skills than I ever thought possible, and developed critical thinking skills that I apply to everything I do now. Professors Martin and Spirk's stories, advice and personal direction trained me to be better at what I do, and what I'll do in the field." Learning also came from the tight-knit group of fellow students in the Criminal Justice program. "There's a range of ages, which was great. We'd all get together and share our experiences. You can learn a lot from other people here."

After getting her degree in Justice, Law & Society from American University in Washington, DC, Amber hopes to become an FBI agent working on the terrorism squad. Amber's advice to prospective students? "Sometimes it's hard, and a lot of work, but you can do it! You'll be a stronger learner, a stronger leader, and a stronger team member."