Meet Kiki

Kiki jumps straight up in the air like a jack-in-the-box.


Your name:  Caroline Clifford

Job title/department:   Special Events Director, IA

What is your dog’s name?   Kiki

How old is your dog?   8

Pure breed or mixed mutt?    Husky lab mix

What is your dog’s gender?   Female

Describe your dog in three words:   Energetic, smart, devoted

What is the thing your dog cannot live without?    She senses when I'm coming home according to my husband and she follows me anywhere and everywhere so the only thing I can think of is me, although I'm sure it's more the other way around!

Can your dog do tricks? If so, what?  She's very good at catching tennis balls and treats

What is the best trick your dog has taught you?   To slow down and just 'be' - she keeps me in the moment

Do you have a nickname for your dog?   KEEK-ster

Does your dog enjoy bath time?   My son and I just gave her a bath at a puppy wash - she enjoys the attention but not the blow dryer.

You know your dog is in a good mood when he/she does this:    She's always in a good mood and ready for anything!

Your dog’s favorite spot to hangout is:   At the top of the steps - same place as, Tasha, my previous dog - it's a good lookout

Favorite toy:   Anything squeaky

One habit you would love to change:   Her instinctive tendency to chase critters...rabbits, chipmunks, deer, etc.

Does your dog prefer to play with people, or other dogs?   People

Does your dog like children?   Yes

If you could ask your dog one question and they’d be able to answer it, what would it be?   Where did you come from? (She was a stray in Bethlehem)

Can your dog read your emotions?  Definitely

Funniest moment you’ve had with your dog:   She jumps straight up in the air, so she looks like a jack in the box when she's outside wanting to get in (I have video...)

What is the most rewarding aspect of owning your dog?   Watching her with my sons - they adore her - also having a constant buddy

Additional Comments:   I wish everyone could experience and appreciate the bond between humans and dogs which is why I'm so excited about this year's humanities theme - everyone should have a dog (I love cats, too)