Loving Mother Earth

NCC holds Earth Day events at Monroe and Bethlehem

Mia Rossi,

Northampton Community College (NCC) celebrated Earth Day, which was April 22, on both the Monroe and Bethlehem campuses.

On April 24, it was a gorgeous day on Bethlehem Campus to listen to a live band play and enjoy some sustainable veggie dogs and lemonade under the sun. The weekly Farmer’s Market was outside with handmade items, fresh coffee, food and produce set up on the Quad. Student and environmental groups, like NCC’s Climate Action Network, were there to help students incorporate more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices into their lives like using reusable utensils and straws. Posters lined the entrances to College Center explaining various climate issues affecting our planet. Attendees grabbed succulents for sale and partook in a soothing rock painting activity. Part of the day consisted of the 2nd Annual Environmental Sustainability Symposium, featuring events and speakers, including keynote speaker, Tara Zrinski, Northampton County Councilwoman, who discussed social issues surrounding sustainability and environmental security.

Click here to see images from the event. 

On April 27, Monroe County Earth Day was hosted by Monroe Campus. The day featured family friendly activities for the community which included a live animal exhibit, an obstacle course, guest speakers and tours of the LEED certified green NCC campus. Exhibitors like the Sierra Club, Pocono Township Parks and Recreation, and Waste Not Technologies were there to give useful tips on conservation. The SteelCreek Duo and Delwin Fiddler, Jr., contributed their musical talents throughout the event. A special Give and Take event was an exciting part of the day. Attendees brought items that they had no use for anymore, such as kitchen gadgets, clothes, toys and more, and others were able to take what they needed. This was in the spirit of, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure!”

Watch how students from Summit School of the Poconos in East Stroudsburg created special rugs out of recycled material for the event at pahomepage.com.

We love the earth. It is our planet, and NCC supports protecting it!