Can You Hack?

NCC students do penetration testing

Mia Rossi,

With only an IP address, students on Bethlehem Campus had to gain access to a test system in order to retrieve a file located on the test machine during a Hack-A-Thon on March 28. This is a process called Penetration Testing, and it’s a job at many companies where employees find vulnerabilities in their company’s network. These vulnerabilities leave companies open to hackers to breach their system and get confidential or business information. Penetration testing allows companies to find these before hackers can exploit them.


During the Penetration Test, sponsored by Computer Club, students had approximately an hour and half to complete the challenge. They used college computers and software in Richardson 12, and once they found the file, they had to submit a report on what process they used to locate the file.


Brian Stokes, club advisor and professor of computer science, was a judge during the testing. He looked over the file NCC student, Danny Floyd, found, and it checked out. In under half an hour, Floyd was the winner of the competition and a $100 Amazon gift card richer. A computer science major, Floyd said, “Getting into the system was harder than retracing the file itself.”


“This event was a great way to bring awareness to programs that utilize these security skills at NCC. We haven’t had an event like this in years, but we’re looking forward to a website development Hack-A-Thon coming up in April at the CIE in the Fowler Center,” said Christopher Klotz, president of Computer Club.

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