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Kraus Awards for 2017

Talent on exhibit at the Patrick J. Kraus Freshman Drawing Competition

by Myra Saturen,

Nina La Porta, Caitlin Romstedt, Amber Velez, Jordan Speicher, Katherine Kraus, Larry KrausFor the 27th year, students at NCC exhibited their drawings and won awards at the Patrick J. Kraus Freshman Drawing Competition on April 11.  

The competition is funded by the Patrick J. Kraus Endowment Fund, established by the late John "Duke" Kraus, former NCC bookstore manager, and his wife, Katherine, in memory of their son, Patrick, a talented artist who attended NCC in 1985-86. Winning artists receive scholarships toward their tuition for the following fall semester.  Over the years, the foundation has raised $60,000 for these scholarships.  Following long tradition, the first- and second-place drawings become part of NCC's permanent art collection. 

"Patrick drew from an early age, everywhere, on paper, on the walls and ceilings," said Katherine Kraus, his mother, who attended the awards reception along with Patrick's brother. "The awards are an important part of our family and a loving tribute to Patrick."

The drawings were done in graphite, pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, chalk, and art sticks.  

The winners for 2017 and their instructors include: 

Jordan SpeicherFirst Place: Jordan Speicher, "Self-Portrait."  Instructor: Barbara BriggsCaitlin Romstedt
Second Place: Caitlin Romstedt for "Clutter."  Instructor: Barbara Briggs 
Third Place: Nina La Porta for "Self-Portrait."  Instructor: William Hudders 
Fourth Place: Amber Velez for "Bitter Sweet."  Instructor: Isadore LaDuca 
Fifth Place: Jacquin Thompson for "Self-Portrait."  Instructor: Isadore LaDuca 

Nina La Porta

Amber Velez






Two of this year's winners come from the Monroe Campus.  

Tom Shillea, director or art programs, thanked the Kraus family, students and faculty.    

"Everyone's a winner," said Bruce Wall, professor of fine art and communication design.  "You are winners just by getting your work and personal expression out there." 

Visit this exhibit of amazing drawings in the Gallery of Communications Hall, and see more photos in this album.