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Celebrating Success

First Student Celebration at the new Monroe Campus

There was a lot to celebrate at the Student Celebration at the Monroe Campus on April 16. The end of a brutal winter. A beautiful new campus. And the amazing Cheerleading Teamachievements of Northampton Community College students!

"It's a beautiful day to celebrate our students and their accomplishments," Dean Matt Connell said at the start of the event that acknowledges both academic and extracurricular accomplishments during the 2014-2015 school year.

The mood was fittingly festive as attendees filled the gymnasium, looking to be entertained. They were not disappointed! Talented student performers sang and the cheer team tumbled and flew through the air. A faculty/staff vs. students free throw competition was also part of the fun.

The following students, advisors, and organizations received special recognition at the celebration:

Monroe Club of the Year:  Cheerleading Team

Club Advisor of the Year:  William Rusk, Art Club

Coca-Cola Gold Scholars:  Carla Garis and Steven Davanzo

National Award for Volunteer Service:  Susan Balog

Service Learning Awards:  Susan Balog, Brijana Dunlap, Shannon Gardner, Elizabeth Gomez, Haley Hoffman, Joseph James, Rose Matthews, Dillon McHugh, Christopher Pikarski, Krystal Rosa, Corey Van Fleet, Keanu Wapples

Work Study Awards: Allison Beerwa, Desiree Venner, Kiara White, Fitzgerald Joseph, Frank Rancano, Victoria Carter

Writing Project for Family Promise (Professor Beth Wheeler's class):  Victoria Cintron, Quetcy Yamilex Dueno, Kaitlyn Dunne, Jessica McKeown, Rahgnar Schick, Leanna Sjursen, Sarina Tufano, Adriana Velez, Glenn Walker, Lacey Warner

Service Learning The host for the event was Bernie Goode, chairman of the student government. The following students and/or student groups performed: Cristina Cenexant, Gertrude Kibegendi, Cara Melodies, Troy Davis, Quani Richardson, Rashad Thomas, Will Lawrence, and a group performance by Deja Brew all-stars.

Rashad Thomas' performance was of a reading of one of his original poems. The inspirational verse spoke to the triumphs and struggles of a college student:

Let's start this right by saying you are greatness
The thesis to every prayer your elders have ever spoke about a better opportunity than they had
The sun has shined on the seed that was you and now look at you
Fruitful in your glory.
Do you know that they look at you with so much hope and admiration, like a fruit in a store front window, like a farmer in field after the sow
They want so much for you
Part of the reason why we work so hard.
In this room, is greatness

We are greatness
Whether first generation to go to college creating a legacy or the fifth, building on a foundation of what was before, you are greatness, and with that comes so much of what you experience right now
And pressures Student performers
They load so much into the book bags that we carry everyday
Clutter the minds we use everyday
And with all that weight all we can see in front of us, is the strength in our shoulders, the resilience in our spines

They say pressure bust pipes
But we aren't pipes
Pipe down that discouragement
That don't work here
Pile up pressures as we pile up victories
We are glorious
We are spartans
We are greatness
Monroe proud

By Rashad Thomas

Greatness was indeed on full display at the Student Celebration! Check out more photos of the fun in this gallery.