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Nate Jastrzemski: Journalism Alumni

Bethlehem Press Assistant Editor, Nate Jastrzemski, gets a journalism degree to further his career

Nate Jastrzemski was already working as a journalist when he came to NCC. But the Bethlehem Press assistant editor wanted a degree, and the proximity and price was a big draw for him.

What he found when he got here was a place to build relationships with professors, many of whom are still friends. "There are some genuinely kind and helpful people who care about their students beyond the classroom," he says.

Nate gets the most job satisfaction from "learning new things and writing a really good story." He even uses his former professors as experts when he needs an academic's opinion for an article.

Nate's advice? "Don't limit yourself in your choices. Take classes that aren't necessarily reflective of your major - you never know when you'll find something that excites you."