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NCC Adjuncts Start New Academic Year with New Home

New adjunct suite is opened

Myra Saturen,

"This is in honor of all the meetings you've had with students in Laub Lounge and the cafeteria and all the hard work you put in, some of which goes unseen,"Dean Christine Pense Dean Christine Pense told dozens of Northampton Community College adjuncts before cutting a giant blue ribbon to the College's new adjunct suite, on the second floor of College Center. The spacious suite gives a sense of openness, with plentiful windows, attractive paintings and lots of computers. It is a new home for part-time faculty who had to improvise for places to work when the former adjunct offices became crowded.

"This is a big improvement," said Geoff Hall, a sociology adjunct. "We have much more room than before and more computers." Bob Sclafoni, who teaches accounting, appreciates having the adjuncts in one place, rather than scattered among different small rooms.

Lydia Chiappini, art history, likes the natural light streaming in through the windows. Stephanie Derstine, communications, says that the suite makes her feel more engaged and part of a team.

"I am grateful to Dean Pense and all the other deans and assistant deans who advocated for establishing this suite," said Karen Paddock, adjunct in English. "It is a great victory for them as well as for us."

After the ceremony when asked about the role that adjunct faculty play at Northampton, Pense said, "Faculty have the privilege and opportunity to change  students' lives for the better.  Our adjuncts take that to heart.  We are grateful for their work and we are glad that they share their knowledge and experience with NCC students."