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NCC Grads Sought by Major Shipbuilder

NCC students are in demand!

by Myra Saturen,

Graduates of Northampton Community College (NCC) are in demand.  For example, Newport News Shipbuilding, in Virginia, sought the College out, citing its excellent Dino Forst, NCC welding program manager; Eric Smith, Kelly Fischer and David Kingston of Newport News Shipbuildingreputation and new high-tech facilities, for a presentation on February 23.  Representatives of the company discussed benefits, training and educational opportunities, and advancement paths with students, faculty and staff.   The shipbuilder plans to hire 2,000 skilled trade workers in 2017, as Baby Boomer employees retire and new vessels need to be built and old ones replaced. 

Newport News Shipbuilding is the sole supplier of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, one of two builders constructing the Virginia-class submarine, the exclusive provider of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, and the largest non-governmental provider of fleet maintenance to the Navy.  It has a workforce of 24,000 and is the home of the Western Hemisphere's largest dry dock and crane.  The company, in operation for 130+ years has received OSHA's (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) highest award.   

Specialties prioritized by the firm include HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning); welding; mechanical, electrical and construction technology; CAD (computer aided design); and auto mechanic programs.  A PowerPoint at the presentation highlighted various level one designer positions, especially those of welder and shipfitter.  A shipfitter fits structural parts of ships and put them in place for welding.   Some positions offer interviewees paid travel reimbursement to Newport News and a $3,000 relocation bonus, if the career seeker is hired.  

"We are looking for new talent," said Kingston David, welding trade administrator.   

"We read about your curriculum, and it matches the skills we are looking for," said Eric Smith, welding trades administrator.   

Students attending the presentation voiced excitement about what they had learned.  Sam Voges, a welding major, said that he appreciated the chance to hear about an attractive career possibility.  

"I came to the presentation because I want to move up in the field," said William Glaser, an HVAC major. "It was especially interesting to me because I have visited Navy bases."   

After PowerPoint and in-person presentations, Newport News Shipbuilding representatives spoke with individual students and took preliminary applications.  

"We are thrilled to give our technical students this opportunity and that Newport News Shipbuilding chose NCC as a school to visit," said Chris Gaylo, NCC director of industrial technologies."    

To learn more about NCC's technical programs, visit our Manufacturing Careers page.