NCC Receives $30,000 Grant to Enhance Student Access

New Laros Foundation Resource Center will help students and community members

Mark Erickson, Laura Bennett Shelton, Bob Bilheimer, Diane Donaher, and Lauren Loeffler

The R.K. Laros Foundation, Inc., a non-profitable charitable trust with a mission to provide support for initiatives benefitting the Bethlehem community has awarded Northampton Community College (NCC) a $30,000 grant. Funding will be used to establish and develop a resource center at the college’s Fowler Family Southside Center, and implement additional improvements at the community-based facility.

NCC’s Laros Foundation Resource Center will be a dynamic first point of contact where prospective and current students and visitors can learn about the college’s diverse educational offerings, career assessment tools and financial aid resources.

The resource center will be staffed by Success Navigators as part of NCC’s newly-launched Student Success GPS program, which helps students identify strengths and interests as part of a process that maps out educational paths to achieve academic success. More than 500 community members and students are expected to take advantage of the Laros Foundation Resource Center each year, accessing information and educational resources to assist their college experience at NCC.

According to NCC’s President Dr. Mark Erickson, the grant links directly to the college’s strategic focus areas including enhancing student access, engaging with the communities the college serves and increasing student retention and completion.

“As a college of the community, Northampton is responsible for meeting the region’s academic and workforce training needs. We have a demonstrated track record of providing high-quality career, vocational and technical education and training in regional high priority occupations,” says Erickson.

“The increased access provided by the Laros Foundation Resource Center will support our efforts in those areas and provide students and community members with a valuable resource in the heart of Bethlehem’s Southside.”