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New Student Senators Elected


2015-2016 Student Senate


Elections to fill the eleven general senate seats for the Bethlehem Campus Student Senate were held last week. Thirty-five students ran for the open senate seats. The winners are:

Rachel Beissel
Emily Bradley-Lathrop
Natalia Castillo
William Clark
William Feliciano
Jonathan Manning
Emmanuel Maxwell
Steph Perez
Elizabeth Segreaves
Dylan Vernon
Marialena Weiber

The new senators were sworn in at a ceremony on September 22. They join the four returning officers:  Patrick Grifone, chairperson; Pedro DePaula, vice chairperson; Omar McGill, secretary; and Ryan Armbruster, treasurer.

The Student Senate is a student governing body that represents the students of NCC. The organization is responsible for promoting cooperation; developing and maintaining college spirit; and serving as a liaison among faculty, administration and the student body.