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Staff Appreciation 2017

Feeling groovy!

The annual Staff Appreciation Dinner was far out! There were peace signs a plenty and tie-died t-shirts as far as the eye could see on May 19 in the Spartan Center. All The "Beatles" those who attended the 60s-themed party in honor of Northampton Community College's fiftieth anniversary had a gas! Those who missed the celebration that honors faculty and staff who have reached notable milestones in their careers were surely bummed out.

The evening started out right on with music from The '67 Imposters, featuring Randy Brodhead, drums; Caroline Clifford, vocals; Gene Hoffman, keyboard/vocals; Kevin Manna, bass/vocals; Susan Mosser, vocals; Brian Post, guitar/vocals; Joe Scocozza, guitar/vocals; Mike Vasko, guitar/vocals; and Jim Von Schilling, trumpet. The Beatles (Kristen Haase, Eric Klein, Isaac Klein, and Karen Klein) also made an appearance. Theatre students were out of sight as they opened the program with a groovy performance of "Aquarius" from NCC's upcoming fall musical, "Hair."

Sodexho travelled back to the sixties for a menu that included Waldorf Salad, Chicken Coq-a-vin, and Rice-a-Roni. After the delicious dinner was enjoyed, awards were given out. The evening ended with "Let the Sun Shine In" performed by theatre students (make sure t0 catch "Hair" October 19-22 in Lipkin Theatre!). 

Ken Nasatka of the CAD & Digital Manufacturing program created and produced the NCC 50th anniversary peace sign necklaces worn by faculty and staff, and Ryan Bohn and Dino Forst of the welding technology program welded the out-of-sight peace sign that decorated the stage. See photos here.

The highest award NCC presents went to Karen Mattes, associate professor of biology. Mattes received the Christensen Award for Excellence in Teaching. She was Karen Matteshailed for putting her students' well-being and success first. Students praised her for "doing all she can to make sure we all succeed," and for being "kind, loving, and enthusiastic." Other awards for professional excellence went to:

Mahta Afshar, adjunct professor, Humanities:  Excellence in Teaching by an Adjunct Faculty Member

Miranda Baker, student life and leadership development administrator:  Professional Staff Excellence Award

Cassandra Bruns, librarian:  Part-Time Staff Excellence Award

Carl and Patricia Flesher, instructors:  Excellence in Non-Credit Instruction Award

The Dick and Pat Richardson Northampton Spirit Award, given annually to a member of the campus community who embodies "The Northampton Way" through commitment to learning, student success, and service to the College, was awarded to Kate Curry, assistant professor of early childhood education.


Alan D. Ravert - Maintenance I Crew Leader, July 29, 2016
Elizabeth Jill Hirt - Director, Assessment, September 15, 2016
Laureen P. Taylor - Hampton Winds Restaurant Manager, October 28, 2016
Virginia G. Gonzalez - Professor, Counseling/Psychology, December 31, 2016
Heidi B. Butler - Director, Public Information and Community Relations, January 3, 2017
Carole H. Collins - Assistant Professor, English as a Second Language, January 11, 2017
Audrey C. Harvey - Associate Professor, Information Services Librarian, January 13, 2017
Kathleen M. Dolin - Professor, Nursing, May 17, 2017
Hazel A. Fisher - Associate Dean, Monroe Campus, May 31, 2017
Sharon A. Zagorski - Secretary, Online Learning, May 31, 2017
Audrey A. DeCheser - Child Care Assistant, June 2, 2017
Frank B. Pologruto - Director, Student Life & Leadership Development, June 30, 2017

Karen S. Britt - Business
Judith L. Buenaflor - English
Celisa Y. Counterman - Math
Robert K. Hays - Journalism
Timothy J. Molchany - Communications
Beatriz Villar-Fernandez - Biology  

Jennifer A. Bradley - Psychology  

Patricia A. Werner - Funeral Services  

Mary P. Vogl - Nursing  

Standard Appointments:
Jennifer A. Bradley - Assistant Professor, Psychology
Pamela A. Bradley - Associate Professor, Reading  

Advanced Degrees:
Dustin L. Briggs - PhD, Communication Studies, Southern Illinois University
Cynthia L. Litzenberger - BA, Food and Beverage Management, New England Culinary Institute
Michael J. Sparrow - EdD, Higher Education Administration, Northeastern University
Erin M. Ward - MSW, Social Work, Boston University
Patricia A. Werner - MBA, Business Administration, DeSales University  

Years of Service:

Academic Affairs
10 Evonne N. Loomis - Associate Professor, Acquisitions Librarian
10 Elehna M. Shores - Associate Professor, Information Services Librarian
15 Elizabeth T. Bugaighis - Dean, Education & Academic Success
15 Judith Rex - Dean, Allied Health & Sciences
25 Alicia M. Gruenewald - Information Services Assistant
25 Dawn M. Dzienis - Online Learning Administrator
25 Manuel A. Gonzalez - Associate Dean, Director International Programs  

Allied Health & Sciences:
10 Lynn A. Cacciola - Adjunct, Dental Hygiene
10 Robyn L. Davis - Adjunct, Biology
10 Edward S. Fleming - Adjunct, Chemistry
10 April L. Gheller - Adjunct, Nursing
10 Margery M. Lafferty - Nursing Support Specialist
10 James J. Reidy - Adjunct, Sports Medicine
10 Thomas L. Rothrock - Adjunct, Nursing
10 Karen B. Stone - Adjunct, Modern Languages
15 Lorraine M. Lockawich - Adjunct, Dental Hygiene
15 Deborah T. Maurer - Adjunct, Nutrition
15 Anne H. Parsons - Adjunct, Sonography
15 Michelle F. Sadigh - Secretary
20 Tracey A. D'Imperio-Lasslett - Adjunct, Veterinary Technology
20 Marian T. Doyle - Associate Professor, Nursing
20 Thomas J. Polanski - Adjunct, Dental Hygiene
25 Thomas G. Barnowski - Director, Emergency Services & Corporate and Public Safety Training
25 Doris A. Kressly - Adjunct, Biology
35 Jacqueline A. Crocetti - Professor, Nursing
35 Deborah L. Levin-Goldstein - Professor, Dental Hygiene  

Business & Technology
10 Nancy T. Broadbent - Adjunct, Paralegal
10 Wesley Y. Jun - Adjunct, Mathematics
10 Michael A. Markle - Adjunct, Mathematics
10 Maura Z. McGuire - Adjunct, Paralegal
10 Amy E. Roche - Adjunct, Computer Science
10 Steven N. Tranotti - Adjunct, Computer Science
10 Rebecca D. Walz - Adjunct, Business
15 John R. Biglin - Adjunct, Mathematics
15 Daniel G. Ebner - Assistant Professor, Charlotte Ford - Dishwasher
15 Mary Anne Lynch - Adjunct, Computer Science15 Joette V. Mills - Adjunct, Business
15 Clair Q. Williamson - Adjunct, Emergency Services
15 Gail M. Woicekowski - Adjunct, Accounting
20 Susan R. Manela - Assistant Professor, Office Administration
20 John P. Schreiber - Adjunct, Electrical/Mechanical
20 Cheryl Tucker - Adjunct, Physics
25 Lawrence E. Olsheski - Adjunct, Accounting
30 Sharon L. Karonias - Adjunct, Office Adminstration  

Community Education
10 Laurie L. Bush - Secretary, Community Education
10 Susan D. Danial-Azer - Program Manager, Nursing Education
10 Kevin L. Molnar - Adjunct, Community Education
10 Nadine L. Novatnak - Adjunct, Community Education
10 Christopher M. Post - Program Manager, Emergency Management
10 Jennifer S. Stancombe - Camp Coordinator, Youth Programs
10 Karen A. Zaun - Adjunct, Adult Literacy
10 Sharon Jones Zondag - Adjunct, Community Education
15 Randi Blauth - Adjunct, Adult Literacy
15 Donna B. Goss - Co-Director, Leadership Development Institute
15 Carrie M. Hirschman - Assistant Director, Youth Programs
15 Kathleen M. Parr - Adjunct, Community Education
15 Donald W. Robertson - Co-Director, Leadership Development Institute
15 Rosemary E. Towne - Adjunct, Adult Literacy
20 Debra A. Bohr - Director, Center for Civic & Community Engagement
20 Janet S. Coll - Assistant Director, Adult Literacy
20 Krista Harrison - Adjunct, Community Education
25 David M. Bolash - Adjunct, Community Education
25 James W. George - Adjunct, Community Education  

Education & Academic Success
10 Julie A. Hacker - Adjunct, Early Childhood
10 Trieste A. Kennedy - Adjunct, Special Education
10 Laurie W. Theisen - Adjunct, Special Education
15 Sallyann Jeffreys - Child Care Assistant
15 Christina M. Lincoln - Director, Education Department
15 Barbara Love - Tutor, Learning Center
15 Kelly Lynn Rizzotto - Child Care Assistant II
15 Lucile W. Thompson - Tutor, Learning Center
25 Michelle S. Eisenreich - Child Care Assistant I
25 Christine A. Murphy - Child Care Assistant I
35 Charles M. Achenbach - Tutor, Learning Center  

Finance & Operations
10 Meagan R. Bernier - Support Center Technician, Information Technology
10 Alma C. Delgado - Custodian
10 John T. DeVito - Maintenance I Crew Leader
10 Joan M. Duser - Administrative Assistant, Physical Plant
10 Michael N. Homan - Maintenance I
10 James S. Housden - Maintenance II Crew Leader
10 Barry E. Leibert - Custodian
10 Virginia K. Pratola - Custodian
10 Nathanael Ramos - Security Officer
10 Jean M. Snyder - Custodian
15 Sandra L. Achey - Payroll Manager
15 Marvin A. Beahn - Maintenance I Crew Leader
15 Randy A. Brodhead - Senior Technician, Desktop Services
15 Susan Schultheis - Technician, Desktop Services
15 Jonathan D. Sumerfield - Central Duplicating Operator
15 Sherri A. Todaro - Finance Office Assistant
20 Timothy D. Grube - Custodian
20 Craig L. Supers - Senior Technician, Network Services
20 Maria I. Vega - Custodian
25 Debra J. Gilbert-Lee - Finance Office Assistant
30 Susan E. Shook - Staff Accountant  

Humanities & Social Sciences
10 Lucy Auger - Adjunct, History
10 Javier E. Avila - Professor, English
10 Judith L. Buenaflor - Associate Professor, English
10 Elizabeth R. Flaherty - Adjunct, Art
10 Brian R. Germano - Adjunct, Criminal Justice
10 Gisela Lebron - Adjunct, Modern Languages
10 Carmelina M. Lombardi - Adjunct, Art
10 Nicole R. Melara - Adjunct, Philosophy
10 Deborah A. Ozimek - Secretary, Adjunct Office
10 Evi-Luise Pover - Adjunct, Psychology
10 Gregory L. Rogers - Adjunct, English
10 Lynnet A. Sanchez - Adjunct, Modern Languages
10 Samuel T. Strauser - Adjunct, English
10 Carla P. Tarsitano - Adjunct, English
10 Jason D. Zulli - Assistant Professor, Art
15 William J. Bly - Adjunct, Communications/Theatre
15 Kathlene F. Cutcliffe - Adjunct, English as a Second Language
15 Jeffrey R. Kleckner - Adjunct, Art
15 Erin Reilly - Professor, Sociology
15 Julia B. Shade - Adjunct, Communications/Theatre
15 Thomas C. Stewart - Adjunct, English
15 Robert H. Thompson - Adjunct, Philosophy
20 Dracie L. Claus - Media Lab Assistant
20 Gail A. Lutsky - Adjunct, Psychology
20 Magdalena Simonka - Secretary to the Dean
20 Harold Weiss - Professor, Philosophy
25 Bruce C. Wall - Professor, Art
25 Wanda K. Wyffels - Adjunct, Sociology
35 Mario J. Acerra - Professor, Communication/Theatre
40 Sharon T. Gavin Levy - Professor, English  

Institutional Advancement
10 Cynthia C. Tintorri - Writer/Social Media Mgr, Public Information
15 Marianne E. Atherton - Production Manager
15 Annette Y. Savo - Finance Manager & Gift Processor
15 Luis G. Vazquez - Graphic Designer  

Monroe Campus
10 Christine K. Armstrong - Professor, Communication/Theatre
10 Samantha A. Beebe - Associate Professor, Biology
10 Richard J. Brogan - Adjunct, Accounting
10 Karen Cannon - Security Officer
10 Hazel A. Fisher - Associate Dean, Monroe Campus
10 Richard S. Freer - Security Officer
10 Shivaun R. Leslie - Office Assistant
10 Peter C. Mackey - Supervisor Tech Support, Monroe
10 Debra S. Raneri - Assistant Director, Community Programs, Monroe & Northern Counties
10 Patricia A. Swineford - Adjunct, Biology
15 Denise M. Chaytor-Zugarek - Adjunct, Communications/Theatre
15 Marie Kelleher - Adjunct, Adult Literacy
20 Karen S. Britt - Associate Professor, Business
20 Karen D. Langlands-Layton - Instructional Manager, Adult Literacy
35 Julie B. Houston - Professor, English  

President's Office
10 Renee Vannicola - Administrative Assistant, President's Office
25 Kathy L. Kapcsos - Director, Institutional Research
30 Tamara L. Tucker-Mehlig - Assistant to the President/Secretary to the Board  

Student Affairs
10 Mary Ellen Cser - Records Assistant
10 Daniel M. Radogna - Disability Services Specialist
15 Lynn Fischer - Secretary
15 Jennifer A. Napierkowski - Assistant Director, Career Services
15 Krista Trout - Adaptive Lab Specialist, Disability Services
15 Ruth V. Werkheiser - Customer Service Representative, Call Center
20 Mary Lou Collis - Scheduling Assistant
25 Maria T. Donate - Professor, Counseling
30 Kathleen M. Yarbrough - Secretary