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Student Senate Fall 2017

The student senate was announced after being sworn in

Mia Rossi,

The 15 Student Senators from the Bethlehem campus are pictured above. The ten general members joined the four officers as they were sworn in on October 3, 2017. 


President, Jesse Sharpe, computer information technology

Vice President, Jeff Jupiter, communication studies

Treasurer, Noah Weaver, biological science

Social Media, Alyse Harris, communication studies

Secretary, Makeva Brodie, business administration

General Members:

Nicole Jack, criminal justice

Roxana Castillo, social work

Jillian Alexander, biological science

Kailyn Whipple, liberal arts, politcal science

Miranda Rodriguez, architecture

Gabrielle Lopez, communication studies

Sophia Le, interior design   

Raheem Watson, general studies

Anissa Amatul Muqtadir, liberal arts, psychology

Vivian Smith, biological science