Students Commit to Complete

Completion Week 2019

Mia Rossi,

Goal Tree Monroe

At Northampton Community College’s Bethlehem Campus on October 21, students decorated cupcakes that spelled out “NCC Completes” in Laub Lounge and pledged to complete their journey at NCC. Meanwhile, at Monroe, students were playing a game that enhanced their social skills, forming new connections on campus, a motivating factor in students completing their degree. This week is held to provide ways to make it easier for students complete their education in the interest of providing a brighter future. NCC participates in Completion Week as a part of a C4 Community College Completion Corps initiative sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) on Monroe and Bethlehem Campuses with help from other departments on campus. 

Members of the Beta Beta Chi Chapter of PTK on Monroe Campus felt it would be beneficial to bring awareness to students about holistic ways to Commit to Complete, socially, physically, mentally/emotionally and intellectually. Students painted their own inspiration stones and added personal goals to a Goal Tree! PTK held sessions where attendees discussed meditation, yoga, positive reinforcement and other ways to take good care of mental and emotional health. Departments on campus, like the Learning Center, told students ways they could utilize their resources, including academic coaching. 

Completion Week Bethlehem

On Bethlehem Campus, the Tau Gamma chapter provided students tools that would help them in the process to completing their degree. Many students drop out because of financial reasons, and so, a scholarship session was held to show students where to find scholarships and offered help in writing the most compelling application essays. Other students don’t get the guidance they need from their advisor to set a clear pathway for their upcoming semester. An advising session was held where students were able to set up appointments with advisors to discuss next semester and future goals. Emerging Student Leaders Seminar was held where students heard motivating stories of leadership and perseverance. The seminars teach students what it means to be a leader and take control of their individual journey while also helping those who may need support along the way.

At the end of the week, a banner with signatures of all of the students who commit to complete was displayed on campus as a reminder of the promise students made to themselves.