Talking Philosophy

NCC student philosophy scholars head to conference

Mia Rossi,

Congratulations to five Northampton Community College (NCC) students who were invited to read their scholarly papers at the Tenth Annual Moravian College Undergraduate Philosophy Conference on Saturday, April 6. 

The students spoke during the Social Justice and Aesthetics, Free Will and Personal Identity, Ethics, and Friendship, Romantic Love and Asceticism sessions. 

The student speakers and their papers were as follows:

“Simone de Beauvoir on Freedom and Feminism” by Danielle Hanson

“Pulp Fiction and Censorship” by Bobbi Beidleman

“The Fire of Karma” by Kailynn Shockency

“Essential Freedom” by Ashley Rasmussen

“Apollo and Dionysus: Symbolism in the Stranger” by Joshua Marchak