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What Do You Know About Working With Transgender Patients?

Liz helps to clarify some of the ways to treat Transgender patients respectfully

Liz Bradbury,

What does clocking mean? What does Ace mean? How do I know what pronoun to use for a Transgender person? What are puberty blockers, and are they reversible? Is it OK to say Queer? Can't I just treat everyone the same? Are LGBTQ people protected by law? What steps can I take to make a health care office more LGBTQ friendly? How many Transgender people are there, anyway? What's the biggest killer of the LGBTQ community? It's not against the law to have a designated rest room Transgender people should use, right? Hermaphrodite or Intersex? Are Transgender people Gay? What do AFAB, AMAB and SOGI mean? How do we stop the high instances of self harm for Transgender people?

Most major healthcare providers and hospitals in the Greater Lehigh Valley and throughout the US have fully inclusive non-discrimination policies that include Gender Identity. But If you aren't sure of the answers to these questions, you aren't prepared to give equitable health care to Transgender people.

Learn this information and more by attending the 2017 Nursing Conference on Friday, October 6 at Northampton Community College.  I will be presenting the session "Providing Healthcare for the Transgender Population" and will cover appropriate language and definitions, understanding healthcare disparities, and best practices that healthcare professionals can employ to attain full health equity for Transgender people. 

To learn more about the conference and register, please visit To register, please click here.  Don't miss this opportunity! 

Liz Bradbury is the director of The Training Institute of the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center