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grapes at a vineyard
Wine Specialist

From Vineyard to Table

A program designed to deepen your knowledge about growing grapes and producing wine. Pursue your passion whether you want to become a grape grower, a winemaker, or merely expand your knowledge of this growing industry. This certificate will give you a true appreciation of grape growing and wine production, as well as get new insights into tasting, pairing, collecting and much more.

This certificate program includes 8 courses with classroom instruction and vineyard visits for a total of 58 hours. Each vineyard visit will be scheduled as an off campus meeting session during the course. Appropriate dress for vineyard visits will be discussed in class. To receive a certificate, all courses listed below, must be completed within a two year period. Participants must be at least 21 years of age.

Participants starting in spring will first study grape growing (viticulture) and continue to wine production (enology). Participants starting in fall will first study wine production (enology) and continue to grape growing (viticulture).

When are Courses Offered?

Course Name Summer I Summer II Fall Winter Spring
WIN200 Wine Essentials ^   checkmark graphic     checkmark graphic
WIN201 Grape Expectations**^ checkmark graphic        
WIN202 Finishing Touches     checkmark graphic    
WIN203 Tasting like a Pro ^     checkmark graphic    
WIN300 The World of Wine and it’s Vineyards ** ^         checkmark graphic
WIN301 The Growth of PA Vineyards ** ^         checkmark graphic
WIN302 Great Grapes ** ^ checkmark graphic        
WIN303 From Vine to Wine ** ^     checkmark graphic    

^ Indicates wine tasting is included in the class

** Indicates a vineyard visit as part of class at a local winery such as, but not limited too Blue Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery & Black River Farms

Textbook: Recommended, "From Vines to Wines" by Jeff Cox available at and other retailers.

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