Pell Recalculation Policy

NCC Pell Recalculation Policy

The Pell recalculation date is a date in the semester when the Financial Aid Office is required to evaluate your Federal Pell Grant eligibility based on your current enrollment status. If the Pell grant you were awarded does not match your current enrollment status, your award will be adjusted.

NCC has multiple Pell recalculation dates associated with each module within a semester, taking effect at the end of each add/drop period of the semester. A student's Pell recalculation date will adjust based on their enrollment in different modules and will always the date associated with the latest module for which they are registered.

Any dropped or withdrawn prior to the Pell Recalculation date will not be eligible for Pell, however any new courses added prior to the recalculation date will calculated in a student's Pell Grant Eligibility.

NCC's Spring Pell Recalculation dates are as follows:

Spring 2022  
Full Semester, Flex, Accelerated 1 2/8/2022
Mid-Spring 2022 3/5/2022
Accelerated II 3/26/2022
Summer 2022  
Flex, Summer 1 6/1/2022
Mid-Summer 6/17/2022
4 Week Summer 1 6/18/2022
Summer II 7/19/2022
4 week summer II 7/23/2022