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Diversity and Global Engagement

Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus Areas (PDF)

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Diversity and Global Engagement

  • Increase the diversity of faculty and staff
  • Increase enrollment in English-as-a-Second-Language classes
  • Welcome more international students
  • Infuse different cultural and global perspectives into more courses
  • Establish a global coalition to promote interaction among students and faculty from around the world

Strategic ActionMetricsTimelineOwner
Infuse diverse perspectives across the curriculum Audit –examine all existing course offerings

Increase number of "D" courses by 20%

50% of courses include diversity and global engagement issues
Spring 2014

Fall 2014

Fall 2015
Conduct campus climate survey and use results to map a campus diversity plan Review classroom climate survey results
Conduct supplemental climate survey
Develop diversity plan
Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Fall 2014
Increase recruitment and retention of diverse faculty and staff Assess faculty/staff demographic
Improve the diversity of NCC faculty and staff to more closely mirror our student body.
Fall 2013

Fall 2015
Develop global coalition with other international institutions of higher education Identify desirable locations and characteristics

Establish 6 partners in next 3 years
Fall 2013

Fall 2014 (2 partners)
Fall 2015 (4 partners)
Fall 2016 (6 partners)
Expand ESL Increase students from 225 to 375 in 3 years in credit ESL Fall 2014 (275)
Fall 2015 (325)
Fall 2016 (375)