Helpful Handouts

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Math Handouts

Exponents (PDF)
Log Properties (PDF)
Types of Numbers (PDF)
Signed Numbers (PDF)
Unit Conversion (PDF)

Writing Handouts

Active vs. Passive Voice (PDF)
Annotated Bibliography (PDF)
APA Format (PDF)
Articles (PDF)
Asking Questions about Literature (PDF)
Basic Sentence Structure (PDF)
Capitalization (PDF)
Comma Splices (PDF)
Commas (PDF)
Comparison & Contrast Essays (PDF)

Formatting Papers in Word (PDF)
Frequently Confused Words (PDF)
Helpful Grammar Websites

Introductions (PDF)
Integrating Source Materials (PDF) (Formerly known as "101 Ways to say S/he Said")
Learning Styles (PDF)
Misplaced Modifiers (PDF)
Outlines (PDF)
Paper Writing Checklist (PDF)
Parallelism (PDF)
Parts of Speech (PDF)
Persuasive Letter Writing (PDF)
Plagiarism (PDF)
Plurals & Possessives (PDF)
Pronoun Agreement(PDF)

Punctuation (PDF)
Roadmap for an Essay(PDF)

Run-on Sentences(PDF)

Quoting & Paraphrasing (PDF)
Sentence Fragments (PDF)
Subject Verb Agreement(PDF)


Textbook Reading & SQ3R (PDF)
Thesis Statements (PDF)
Topic Sentences (PDF)

Types of Essays (PDF)
Writing Academic Papers (PDF)