PA National Guard EAP

Apply to NCC

If you're an active duty military member or veteran, you must complete the same online application forms as new students. 

Apply To NCC

Pennsylvania Army National Guard and Pennsylvania Air National Guard members may be eligible for 100% tuition-only assistance for full-time enrollment (12 credits or more per semester) or 50% tuition-only assistance for part-time enrollment. Fees are not covered by this program. Contact your unit of assignment for eligibility criteria and application forms.

Eligibility for PENNSYLVANIA residents

  • Enlist or re-enlist for six (6) years
  • Complete Basic Training
  • Serve in a drilling National Guard Unit and remain in good standing
  • Eligibility established by completing EAP Form 1 and PHEAA Promissory Note


  • Full-time student (12 credits/semester or more): Pays 100% of tuition only (no fees) up to the SSHE cost
  • Part-time student w/o Bachelor's degree (3-11 credits/semester): Pays 100% of tuition only (no fees) up to funding cap
  • Part-time student w/Bachelor's degree (3-11 credits/semester): Pays 50% of tuition only (no fees) up to funding cap
  • Full and Part-time students may be eligible for EAP and TA benefits depending on level of enrollment and cost of tuition and fees

Application for Benefits

  • Complete EAP Form 2 at your unit of assignment for each academic year
  • Students attending summer fall, and spring semesters must complete EAP Form 2 not later than April 30
  • Students attending fall and spring semesters must complete EAP Form 2 not later than June 30 each year
  • Students attending more than one school in an academic year should indicate both schools on the EAP Form 2
  • Recommend you make and keep a copy of your EAP Form 2 for future reference.
  • Notify the Student Veterans Services Office at NCC each semester you expect to receive EAP
  • Change of school, change of enrollment, or change of address must be submitted on EAP Form 3


  • 30 May - Summer semester only or Summer, Fall and Spring - applications for Summer received after 15 August will not be funded.
  • 30 June - Fall only or Fall/Spring or Spring only (for the academic year 1 July thru 30 Jun)


  • Applications received by 30 May
    SUMMER - Mid July
  • Applications received by 30 June
    FALL - Mid September
    SPRING - Mid January
    ADJUSTMENTS - Mid April